Polyarticular Osteoarthritis Natural Home Remedies: Causes, Symptoms

Osteoarthritis is a form of degenerative joint disease. When this occurs in multiple joints, the patient can experience extreme discomfort, pain, and even joint immobility. This disease affects older adults and can be very debilitating when it strikes. Proper diagnosis and treatment is needed in order for the patient to experience relief and return to a functioning motor level.

Polyarticular Osteoarthritis

  • Is referred to as osteoarthritis in multiple joints, particularly in more than four joints.
  • The disease is related to generalized osteoarthritis.
  • This disease mostly affects weight-bearing joints such as the hips and knees but it can also involve the joints of the hands.

Causes And Symptoms Of Polyarticular Osteoarthritis

  • Polyarticular osteoarthritis results from “wear and tear”.
  • The disease occurs when cartilage gets worn away over time.
  • There are certain risk factors that can make certain individuals susceptible to the disease such as:
    • Age
    • Sex
    • Genetics
    • Prior joint injury
    • Obesity
    • Muscle weakness
    • Nutrition
    • Hormonal involvement

Polyarticular osteoarthritis symptoms include:

  • Pain in more than four joints or involving a group of joints.
  • Resolution of pain at rest
  • Stiffness at first use of joints
  • Loss of functional capacity of joints involved
  • Pain with activity
  • Pain at night
  • Bony enlargements, growths, or bumps
  • Minimal swelling involved
  • Decreased range of motion in the joints

Natural Cures For Polyarticular Osteoarthritis

Treatment depends on the severity of the disease.

One or more of the following is usually recommended for these patients:

Your physician may suggest some anti inflammatory medicines for relieving the pain, but its use for a long duration is harmful for the body. Men and women therefore prefer natural remedies for relieving their chronic suffering. Some of the natural remedies that can be tried for Polyarticular osteoarthritis are:

  • The herb called Boswellia, is renowned for its anti inflammatory properties. It is efficient in reducing the inflammation and pain felt in multiple joints of polyarticular osteoarthritis.
  • Another effective home remedy is devil’s claw.
    Its action as an analgesic is helpful in relieving the pain that makes you handicapped while first movement in the morning.

Polyarticular Osteoarthritis Home Remedies

Some other home remedies include:

  • Commiphora, commonly called guggul is an anti inflammatory and pain reliving herb, used in osteoarthritis as a home remedy par excellence.
  • Turmeric and bromelain once in a day is useful in treating the pain and inflammation caused due to osteoarthritis.
  • Put five to ten drops of angelica drops in the hot bath tub, soak in the tub for five to ten minutes, it helps to relieve you of acute pain caused due to polyarticular osteoarthritis.
  • Eat regularly celery seeds, they have anti inflammatory properties.
  • Physical therapy to keep joints lubricated.
  • Surgical replacement of damaged joints.
  • Alternative treatment including diet modifications, nutritional supplements, naturopathy, and traditional Chinese medicine.