Natural Way To Rebuild Cartilage in Knees

Cartilage is the cushion in the joints which protect friction of two bones. Cartilages are made of collagen material and non collagenous proteins. Besides providing cushioning, cartilage allows smooth movement of the joint due to its lubricating effect; it also absorbs the routine strain and stress to the joint. Primarily cartilage is composed of water and as the age grows the cartilage dries up resulting in painful stiff joint which restricts your movement. This condition in medical terms is called osteoarthritis.

Damage to the cartilage can be due to many conditions; generally the knee cartilage is most likely to bear the brunt to injuries although any cartilage of the body joint can be affected.

Osteoarthritis, rheumatic arthritis, avascular necrosis and joint injuries are the conditions that generally damage the cartilage. Once damaged the cartilage cannot rebuild of its own. If the patient’s condition worsens and there is chronic pain and stiffness in the joint, especially the knee and the hip joint, the only alternative treatment is joint replacement in case of osteoarthritis.

Are there any Natural Way To Rebuild Cartilage in Knees

In conditions which are not chronic such as injuries to the joints, the torn or damaged cartilage may heal of its own, if you give proper rest to the joint involved.

This in technical terms is not considered as rebuilding of cartilage, as cartilage does not have the capacity to rejuvenate itself. Recovery happens in a natural course over a period of time. Researchers are still not able to find why cartilage does not grow naturally like bone and muscles, absence of blood vessels in the cartilage may be one of the reasons, the other reason they indicate is the fluid surrounding the cartilage may be responsible for restricting its rebuilding.

There are some supplements claimed to be beneficial in rebuilding cartilage in the joints especially the knee joint, it is glucosamine which people claim to have benefitted many individuals suffering from arthritis, although clinical trials are still to ascertain it. Medical scientists are still conducting researches to find the way for rebuilding the cartilage in a natural form. Even scientists are experimenting to rebuild the cartilage from the stem cells but they are also in their primary stage and will take some years to develop it for medical use. In this sense it is necessary to prevent cartilage damage in first place, if you exercise your leg muscles it will help to protect the knees and refrain the knee cartilage from getting damaged. While exercising you start it gradually. Use protective gear when you play sports.