Midfoot Pain: Lateral, Dorsal Middle Foot Pain Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

What Is Midfoot Pain?

Midfoot pain is primarily elicited when a tissue in the middle part of the foot is injured. They can come in a variety of causes. Pain is felt when the nerve endings innervating the midfoot is damaged.

Lateral, Dorsal Midfoot Pain Causes

There are many known lateral and dorsal midfoot pain causes. But they all boil down to tissue injury. Here are some causes of pain in the middle section of your foot:

  • Navicular stress fracture. The navicular bone is located in the ankle and on top of the heel bone.
    More common in athletes because of the continuous stress the feet get.
  • Inflammation of the extensor tendons. These are tendons that extend and go along the top part of the foot. They can become inflamed thus causing pain and swelling.
  • Inflammation of the flexor tendons. These tendons in the foot run underneath the foot.
  • Plantar fascia strain. This ligament goes from the heel to the forefoot.
  • Lateral plantar nerve entrapment. This nerve is connected to the medial aspect of the foot.
  • Stress fracture of the foot. Continuous stress on the foot can cause it to break thus causing pain.
    In athletes, the middle part of the foot is a common site of fracture.
  • Blisters. They are lymph fluid collection on the space between the outer and inner layers of the skin. They are caused by friction from shoes and clothes.

Midfoot Pain Symptoms

Pain itself is a symptom of an underlying condition. Other associated symptoms are:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Irregular shape of the foot
  • Mass or projection on the foot
  • Pain in other parts of the foot or leg

Home Remedies for Midfoot Pain

Midfoot pain treatment and home remedies are only applicable for injuries without displaced and unstable bones. It is important to consult your doctor for proper diagnosis. Here are some measures you can try:

  • Rest
  • Cold compress
  • Compress the foot using bandages
  • Elevate the affected part
  • Over the counter analgesics