Causes Of Foot Pain: Pain In Heel And Ball Of Foot And Legs

Foot pain is a sign that there is some problem with the internal muscles and its contact with the external surrounding. Early diagnosis and prompt treatment are very important.

Causes Of Foot Pain

An injury is the commonest cause for foot pain. Muscular sprain, not enough bio-chemical alignment, a ligament stretch and fractures are significant causes. Over-use causes fatigue in the foot muscles. Clinical conditions causing foot pain are bursitis, flat feet, bunions or calluses. Uncomfortable foot wear is also a contributing cause.

Pain on the top of the foot occurs due to trauma / injury to the bone, excessive running / walking, especially over an uneven terrain, poor blood circulation, improper foot wear and no exercise.

Pain In Heel And Ball Of Foot

Heel spurs cause pain in ball / heel of the foot. Blood clots are responsible for severe pain in the foot, and need immediate attention. Other important causes are: plantar fasciitis or tarsal tunnel syndrome, arthritis and osteoporosis. The heels frequently pain when standing for prolonged periods of time. Gout is also a trigger for heel pain. A high purine diet causes deposition of uric acid crystals in the heel, causing immense pain. Achilles tendonitis causes excruciating pain as well. Foot pain is very commonly seen in obese individuals.

Primarily, pain in the side of the foot occurs due to bad foot wear or trauma.

However, wherever the pain, it is essential that you get your foot examined by a doctor, ascertain the diagnosis and start treatment.