Bone Spur in Wrist: Causes, Treatments Surgery for Bone Spur in Hand, Wrist

Causes of Bone Spur in Wrist, Hand

  • The primary reason that bone spurs in wrist occurs is arthritic diseases. Osteoarthritis is an underlying condition in most cases.
  • On occasion, trauma to the wrist can cause bone spurs to form.
  • Chronic and strenuous over activity can contribute to the development of bony growths at the wrist.

Treatment of Bone Spurs in Wrist

  • Bone spurs themselves do not really cause any apparent symptoms because they are within the bone.

  • Pain and inflammation occur when the growth expands, takes up space, and presses into surrounding tendons and muscles.

  • Once swelling and discomfort occur, ice is helpful for the treatment of wrist bone spurs and of course, rest is needed to the joint, but not too much. A balance is necessary.

  • Range of motion exercises should be done regularly to keep the joint from stiffening and becoming totally immobile.

  • Hot linseed oil on gauze or cheesecloth applied to the wrist area can help decrease inflammation. You can apply a heating pad set on warm to keep the compresses hot.

  • Diet is important to keep bones strong and healthy. Calcium rich foods help.

  • Ground sesame seed tea can be taken 3-4 times daily for extreme calcium loss. Sesame seed is a form of calcium that is absorbed promptly by the bones. Drink a full glass of plain water after each cup taken.

Surgery for Bone Spur in Wrist

  • Surgery for bone spur in wrist may be necessary if nerve compression is evident. Carpel tunnel surgery may be needed to relieve pressure and painful symptoms.
  • Severe inflammatory processes that effect surrounding tissues or muscles may need surgical intervention, otherwise, treatments to specific symptoms is the only relief.

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