Wrist Tenderness: Causes, Home Treatments for Tender Wrist Bone

Causes of Tender Wrist Bone

Causes of wrist tenderness can be trauma, injury, overuse, or an underlying medical condition.

  • With the high tech world we live in today, wrist tenderness can be from spending excessively long times typing on the computer or playing video games.
  • Carpel tunnel problems can start with some tenderness or discomfort in the wrists, but generally progresses to numbness and tingling too.
  • Wrist soreness can simply be from holding your hand in an awkward position for a length of time.

Home Treatments for Wrist Tenderness

  • Try to surmise what you might have done to the wrist recently. Perhaps you hit the wrist against something earlier and forgot about it.
  • Start with simple measures to relieve discomfort. Alternating heat and ice may be beneficial.
  • Elevating the wrist and hand can prevent swelling, or decrease swelling, if it is already present.
  • Mild analgesics may relieve the pain temporarily.
  • Test your range of motion in the wrist and see if there are any positions you cannot move the wrist in.
    Determine if flexion and extension are possible.
  • Do not force the wrist in any abnormal positions. An ace bandage may give some immobility to rest the sore area. A splint may provide better immobility for a while.
  • If it is a sprain or strain, it will take a few days to get back to normal. Limit the use of the wrist.
  • See a doctor if pain worsens suddenly, or other symptoms occur that are not normal for you. Certainly see a doctor if the pain and tenderness is prolonged over a week.
  • If fever occurs with the wrist tenderness, get medical assistance for further testing or xrays to check for an underlying medical condition.

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