Swollen Red Finger Remedy | Red Swelling on Fingers Signs

Swollen Fingers
Swollen Fingers

What you thought was a broken finger might not be broken after all. A swollen red finger that feels painful when touched is one of the early signs of arthritis. It signifies that there are calcium deposits on the joints and thus the swelling.

Over time calcium deposits on the joints cause inflammation. When inflammation occurs, it is a sign that there is a progressive loss of cartilage, the slick substance that cushions the end of the bones.

If not properly treated and prevented, it could develop into a full-blown arthritis, and the pain could really be agonizing.

Red Finger Swelling Facts

Arthritis is what causes fingers to swell and become red. It is a word that comes from two different Greek words: athron, which means joints, and it is, which means inflammation. Hence, it means the inflammation of the joints.
Arthritis is a disease that involves a chronic process. The early stages may involve the entire body and may completely deform a joint or two. It may leave the patient either weakened or handicapped.

The illness is seen in most adults and elderly, which is why the bones and joints are easily damaged and injured.

Swollen Red Finger Signs

A swollen red finger is one of the symptoms of arthritis. The swelling limits the movement of the connective tissues and the joint that may eventually limit the physical activity of the patient or deformity and disability. Aside from that, other early signs will include the following:

  • Stiffness of the joints
  • Fatigue
  • Fever
  • Pain in the joints
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Swelling of the joints
  • Lower extremity rashes
  • And inability to freely move the joints.

Swollen Red Finger Remedy

Among the things that patients ask for when they first feel the distressing pain on a swollen red finger is the finger joint massage. You can ask anybody to do this on you. It is as simple as rotating the finger in a slow circular motion and then grabbing each from the joint. They will have to start from the finger that is closest to the knuckle and gently pulling the finger outward.

Doing the massage every day for a hundred and twenty seconds for each finger will eventually break down the calcium deposits on the joints until it is totally cleansed. After a few days of the daily massage, the pain will die down and so will the swelling and the redness on the finger.