Swollen Hands And Fingers: Treatment For Swelling Of Hands And Feet

Causes Of Swollen Hands And Fingers

  • Taking lengthy walks in cold weather or hot weather conditions results in swelling of the hands. Furthermore, high altitudes contribute to swelling.
  • Electrolyte imbalance is another significant causative factor. Imbalance arises when you sweat, (this is because salt from the body is lost) and when excessive salt is consumed, (consequently, the body is obliged to work to bring to the electrolyte level to equilibrium with extra fluid).
    This causes edema / swelling.
  • Excessive movement or poor movement of the hands causes swelling. The muscles present in the arm are relatively small and not used as much whilst walking; therefore, they do not assist in driving blood back in to the heart. This causes swelling.

Treatment For Swelling Of Hands And Feet

  • Do away with rings and wristwatches before going for a walk.
  • While you walk, hold a small object in the hand and grip it tightly now and then.
  • An arm swing every once in a while, through the day, is beneficial.
  • Do not tighten / clasp your hands; let them be relaxed. Stretch the fingers far apart, and then roll them in to a fist. Repeat several times through the day.
  • Ensure that you balance the salt and water in your body, every time you sweat. Lemon juice in 1 glass of water, with a bit of salt and 1 spoon of sugar is recommended.