What Are The Reasons For Swollen Feet? How To Reduce Swelling?

Question: I never had swollen ankle or feet. But now I’ve got swelling in feet but there is no pain. I’m on a vacation and walked a little more. So is that a cause of swollen foot?

Swelling of foot and ankle can be due to many reasons. Before answering your question I want some more information. How old are you? Was there a history of sprain or twist in your ankle while walking? Are you suffering from any major illness such as hypertension or kidney problem? Do you take any medicines regularly?

Swelling in ankle and foot can be temporary as after standing for hours in one place or sitting in a bus for many hours.

It is caused due to pulling of fluid in the lower leg due to gravity when the veins are weak. It is a temporary phenomenon and reduces within few days.

However, swelling of foot is also a symptom associated with number of ailments ranging from an injury, pregnancy, congestive cardiac disease, and fluid retention due to kidney trouble, arthritis and many other health conditions. Swelling in foot can also occur with few anti hypertensive medicines as a side effect. If swelling persists for long duration then it is a cause of concern and you should visit your doctor to get more advice on the same.

Home Remedies To Reduce Swelling In Feet

Many people become aware of swelling in their foot and ankle when the shoes feel tight. This often occurs when they are traveling. Such persons are usually women who have weak veins; to lesser extent men can also be affected. Here are important tips to reduce swelling in feet.

  • If the swelling is sudden in onset get a simple X-ray foot done. This will help you to identify if the problem is local or systemic. It means if the problem is limited only to feet such as a sprain or it has various other systemic reasons.
  • Keep your feet elevated. Place a pillow under your heels and prop your feet up.
  • While traveling or sitting in an office keep your legs on the foot –rest.
  • Avoid wearing tight socks and foot wear. When swelling persist for a long time wear elastic crepe bandage.
  • Soak your feet alternately in hot and cold water for few minutes. It is an effective way to increase the circulation.
  • Massage gently the swollen feet. It will increase the flow of blood and encourage the accumulated fluid to disperse.
  • Reduce the intake of salt as it increases retention of fluid.  Avoid eating frozen food, processed food as they are high in sodium content.
  • Prepare a paste by mixing coconut oil, lemon juice, cinnamon powder and apply on the affected region at night. Wash the area in morning. Apply it for two days till the swelling reduces.
  • An easier way is to dip your feet in a bucket filled with water and a teaspoon of baking soda mixed in it.
  • Diuretics prescribed by your doctor will help you. Diuretics help kidneys to pull out excess fluid from your cells.
  • Exercise and a proper and nutritional diet will do wonders to your cardiovascular system. It is beneficial in chronic swelling.
  • Nutritional deficiency mainly anemia is known to cause swelling of feet. Get your hemoglobin levels checked.

If the problem persists visit your health care consultant.