Sharp Pain in Thigh: Causes and Home Remedies for Pain in Thigh Muscle

People experience sharp pain in thigh every once in a while. This could be mind-bugling if you do not know its causes. To understand the cause of the sharp pain in upper thigh, you should be able to understand how the nerves in the body work.

Causes of Sharp Pain in Thigh

  • Basically, the sensory nerves send information to the brain to activate motor nerves when it senses the need to activate the muscles. To transport the information to the brain, the nerves have to pass through bones, joints, and muscles.
  • When there is an injury, swelling, or an obstruction on the free passing of the nerves, sharp pain in inner thigh or paralysis happens. This painful and burning sensation on your inner thigh is an indication that a large sensory nerve is compressed. To get rid of the pain, the nerves have to be allowed to pass freely on the obstructed area.

Home Remedies for Sharp Pain in Thigh Muscle

To allow free access of the nerves, you can apply the following home treatment for your sharp pain in thigh:

  • Relax your thigh muscles by elevating your feet.
    This will lessen your muscles and release the compression.
  • For sudden and sharp pain in your thigh muscles, apply hot compress to dilate the blood vessels and allow free blood flow.
  • While you are experiencing the pain, stop all physical activities and relax. Forcing to mobilize your muscles would cause further pain which could even be harder to treat.
  • Once you feel that the pain has abated, slowly flex your muscles and move them slowly to enhance the return of its normal function.
  • Slightly massage your muscle thigh to allow better blood circulation and to release the pressure.
  • Maintain a balanced diet to keep your tendons, muscles, and joints healthy.