Causes Of Sciatic Nerve Damage: Home Remedies For Pain Relief

The sciatic nerve, which is located in the thighs of a person, is a delicate nerve that once traumatized can lead to paralysis and other complications. It is usually taken highly into consideration especially in infants and newborns during their immunization days because the only part of an infant abundant of muscle area is the vastus lateralis, and this is where the sciatic nerve is located. Hence, doing immunization shots for children should only be done by professional medical practitioners.

There are certain procedures that may damage this nerve:

  • Immunization process for infants and babies.
  • Accidentally causing trauma in the thigh area.
  • Surgery or other physical injury.

Home Remedies For Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief

There are methods that you can observe to treat and to alleviate the pain a person would likely experience due to damage of the sciatic nerve, and these include the following:

  • Application of hot and cold compress would be the first best thing. Applying this would help relax the muscle area and facilitate the circulation of blood. This will also induce a faster recovery of a person.
  • Taking medications orally to alleviate the pain associated.
  • Elevating the area.
  • Exercise the affected area.
    Allow it to move around so as to facilitate as well the circulation of blood in the affected extremity.

How To Prevent Sciatic Nerve Injury?

There are precautionary measures that you can observe to lessen the risk of trauma in the said area. These are the following things you can do to avoid nerve damage:

  • Properly choosing the right area for the immunization in dealing children and infants. It has been a known fact that the ideal and most abundant location for intramuscular injections at that age would be best done in the vastus lateralis of an infant. Located in the thigh, it is highly prone to damage the sciatic nerve below it. It is mostly delicate when dealing with children because their muscles aren’t fully well developed; hence, there is a chance that you can injure the sciatic nerve.
  • But there is a technique that can be done to avoid such damage. The vastus lateralis is wide enough for you to choose a location that the sciatic nerve would highly be not injured.
  • Avoid injury and blunt trauma to your legs.