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Pain in Ribs and Back Causes

Pain in ribs, on your left side, at the back may have several causes.

  • It can be intercostal myalgia (muscular spasm) leading to pain at the back. This may have a history of trauma, or some lifting of heavy weight.
  • Cervical spondylosis can also give rise to pain in the back, radiating on the shoulders and on the hand. An x-ray of the cervical spine will help to come to some conclusion of your pain.
  • A heart ailment can also give such type of a referred back or rib pain, it is called an anginal pain, but as the pain is persistent since two weeks, more likely that it may be excluded, since anginal pain is acute, and remains for a less period of time say for a few minutes.
    Even then it is always advisable to get an electrocardiogram investigation done.
  • Pleural effusion (collection of fluid in the outer covering of the lungs), there may be associated fever, weight loss, difficulty in breathing. Blood investigation, x-ray of chest, will rule out the cause.
  • Mild form of pancreatitis can also give rise to such pain in back. Patient has the history of alcohol consumption.