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I am 32 year old woman not a diabetic or hypertensive, I have severe neck pain radiating to my left hand for the past 1 year. I met cardiologist and did my electrocardiogram and echo which was normal.  Even though I had neck pain radiating to my left hand. What could be the reason?


Neck Pain Remedy

Your pain is originating from the cervical region. The cervical spine is made up of vertebra which starts from the base of the skull to the beginning of thoracic vertebra. There are seven cervical vertebra’s.

The attached ligaments and muscles provide stability and movement to the neck.

But even with this strong support there can be stress and strain or injury to the vertebra. The pain is the result of the nerves of the cervical spine being compressed due to damage to the disc, strained muscles of the neck or due to bony deposits.

The pain can be acute or chronic and recurrent, it can radiate from the base of the neck to the shoulder, the hand and the fingers. The pain can also radiate to the scalp.

Investigation advised: X-ray cervical spine.

It will reveal if there is cervical spondylitis or muscular spasm of the neck.

Steps to follow for your neck pain:

  • Place a warm towel over the cervical spine to relax the muscular spasm
  • Gentle massage on the neck muscles with oil will relax the muscles.
  • Physiotherapy exercise can be followed under the guidance of a good physiotherapist after the acute pain has settled
  • Neck collar also give rest to your neck muscles and comforts them from spasms.
  • Restrict lifting weight.

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