Pinched Nerve Relief Treatment | Remedies to Cure Pinch Nerve

Natural Cure for Pinched Nerve in Shoulder

Pinched nerve in shoulder is what is called sciatica to the leg. A nerve, leading to the shoulder, is pinched in the shoulder. There is sensation of needles, pins, pain and numbness in one or both the hands, 1-3hrs after falling asleep. The discomfort may awaken the individual from sleep. Due to pinched nerve there can be muscle wasting of the shoulder region and arm and forearm resulting in swelling or coldness. Coldness is usually the symptom. This symptom is usually aggravated after heavy lifting and after exerting oneself at work.

Pinched nerve in should is usually caused by over-working of upper extremity (shoulder, arm and forearm). Over-work can be in the form of carrying very heavy objects, letting the arms and hands get cold at night or poor posture.
If there is compression in its pathway it can lead to numbness and above symptoms. This nerve ending usually pass beneath cervical vertebra and if there is any compression it leads to numbness.

Preventing Pinched Nerve in Shoulder

  • Try to keep your arms, forearm and shoulder warm at night. Especially care has to be taken if the climate is cold at night.
    Back adjustment is required for better posture of neck and back.
  • For strengthening the muscles of the shoulder, arm and neck one should follow an exercise regime under guidance of physiotherapist. Exercise such as neck exercise, arm lifts, horizontal upper trunk push-ups and shoulder shrugs etc. should be done.
  • Rest and good diet is required for early recovery.
  • Avoid caffeine, tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

Home Remedies for Pinched Nerve

  • Thiamine or vitamin B1 is very important for nerve development. This should be provided in dietary means by eating brewer’s yeast, wheat germ, wheat bran, sunflower seeds, and peanuts with skin, most whole grains, all nuts, all beans, beet, potatoes, leafy vegetables and milk.
  • St. John’s wort helps regeneration of the nerve tissue and thus helps cure pinched nerve.
  • Take one part of Lady’s slipper, one part of skullcap, half part each of wild ham, ginger and damiana. Pour a liter of water over these herbs, cover it with lid and let stand until it cools. Strain and sweeten it to taste. Drink 50ml three times a day till symptoms disappear.

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