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Body Ache and Pain Treatment

Body aches and pains are sometimes underestimated. You may think that they are just a result of stress and exhaustion but there can be some malfunctions of the body. If body aches are just ignored without trying to know the root of the pain, there is a big chance that they can intensify.

Body Pain Prevention

Body pain is a silent epidemic. More and more people experience body pain almost every day or body pain that keeps on coming back. Because a lot of people are suffering from different body aches, it becomes the leading symptom that makes people seek help from medical doctors.

If pain is not treated and dealt with, it can cause a lot more problem. Knowing some ways to prevent having body pains can be very helpful. Below are some simple preventive measures to keep one away from any medical breakdown.

  • Following a regular routine exercise will definitely prevent body ache. A healthy lifestyle is a life free from any pain.
  • Practice pushing the objects when moving and shifting them instead of pulling. In this way, you won’t strain your lower back.
  • Smoking is not only hazardous to the respiratory system but it also results to a diminished level of oxygen on the spinal tissue.
    If there is body pain, smokers will definitely have a slimmer chance to be healed easily.
  • Keep the weight within the normal range. Heavyweights or those who are obese put in so much strain on the back muscles leading to an almost constant pain on the lower back.

Remedies for Body Pain

  • Obesity is a big contributory factor for having body ache. Trimming down and losing some weight will definitely correct the lower back pains, too.
  • An oil massage, preferably herbal oil, on the affected part can help to give body pain relief. Adding a little mint on the oil can be soothing to an aching body. Putting a little pressure during the massage routine is also recommended.
  • Drinking a mixture of 1 large teaspoon of lemon juice and freshly made carrot juice every day can help avoid and cure body pain.
  • Making a porridge of two teaspoons of winter cherry plus a little molasses and clarfied butter eaten on an empty stomach is best for extreme body aches. For more effective results, it should be eaten for the next fifteen days.
  • Another effective drink for relief of body ache is apple cider vinegar.