Natural Treatment for Bruised Foot Bone | Home Remedy for Bruised Foot

Bruised Foot Bone:

Bruise occurs usually when the skin tissue is not broken outside but there is injury to the skin tissue beneath the outer surface. Small vessels containing blood beneath the skin surface have been damaged and ruptured causing the blood from vessels release in the surrounding tissues due to the injury.

Natural Remedies for Bruised Foot:

  1. An ice-pack should be placed on the bruised foot after the injury as soon as possible. Ice-pack should be kept on the bruised area for at least 30mins. If this procedure is done on time the swelling usually subsides very early and sometimes within a day.
    Often the bruise usually does not cause much damage. Swelling is the main reason for the damage of the tissues. A poultice should be prepared with wheat bran, charcoal or comfrey or even with greens. Charcoal should be pulverized and tied in a cloth. This cloth should be made wet in warm water. This should be applied over the bruised area for 2-3 hours al least. This process should be repeated till the affected foot is better.
  2. Studies have shown that placing bromelain over the bruises received by boxers accelerated healing. Those receiving bromelain healed much faster.
    (Pure bromelain can be purchased from a health-store). Pineapples contain 14% bromelain so eat as much pineapple for early recovery from bruised foot.
  3. A poultice can be prepared for treating bruised foot by adding 4 parts of slippery elm powder and wild indigo powder, two parts of myrrh gum and one part of prickly ash powder. Add little water and brewer’s yeast to it and make into paste form. Apply over the affected area and cover it.
  4. Arnica tincture can be applied over the bruised foot bone. This helps in removing the clots if any and increasing the blood circulation.
  5. Here is another poultice- wet brown paper. Dip it in blackstrap molasses and place it over the bruised foot. Repeat 3-4 times in a day.
  6. Hydrotherapy- Soak one wash-cloth in water that is hot (but not enough to burn the skin) and the other wash-cloth in water with ice-cubes. Wring out both, put the hot one for 3mins, then the cold for 30secs. Repeat this 4 times, re-soaking the wash-cloths each time.
  7. Nourishing diet should be eaten in order to strengthen the vessels. This can be done by eating fruits and green leafy vegetables especially raw. Buckwheat is helpful. Vegetable juices of beet, celery and carrot are useful. Vitamin D can be absorbed through sunlight especially morning.