Causes for Fatigue, Tiredness | What Causes Muscles Weakness, Joint Pain

Question: I am 45 yr old woman. For the past few years I have had muscle ache and recently it got worse. Also I have started getting severe joint ache and exhaustion. I have been for a rheumatism test and the result was negative. I have also been for a full blood test and was told that there is nothing lacking. I am an asthmatic and have sinusitis and take an inhaler and nasal spray. Could you please tell what could possibly be wrong with me.


There can be several reasons for the trio of symptoms described by you.

Considering that you are not a rheumatic there are some other causes:

  • Physical stress, tension and depression may be associated with feeling of weakness and tiredness and manifested in the form of pain in joints and muscles of the body.
  • Certain drugs including ACE Inhibitors (for lowering blood pressure), Statins (to lower cholesterol levels), Cocaine, etc exhibit side-effects like myalgia and multiple joint pain.
  • Common Cold, viral infection and influenza produce similar symptoms accompanied with low grade fever.
  • These symptoms may appear in the prodromal stage before other signs of influenza are evident. Vitamin C increases the immunity and reduces symptoms related to weakness and tiredness.
  • Deficiency of calcium and iron are also associated with feeling of weakness and joint pain. Increase the intake of milk, eggs, raw and fresh fruits, green vegetables, etc in addition to taking calcium and iron supplements.
  • Electrolyte imbalance due to dehydration or diaherral diseases reduces the potassium and calcium levels in the body and causes muscle and acute joint pain.
  • Thyroid disease is also manifested in this format. Though there are other symptoms associated with the disorder which include constant feeling of chillness, weight gain with poor appetite, hair loss, constipation, shortness of breath, difficulty in concentration and poor memory.

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  1. G T said:

    I am 47 year old woman. Since one month I am feeling unbearable pain in my leg (back side muscles) when I take pain killer, it will 100% cure. If I do not take tablet for 2 days again the pain start. What kind of diet I can take and simple exercise.

    August 14, 2010

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