Ligament Injury Treatment | Knee Joint Injuries Relief, Causes


What can I do for a stretched ligament at the side of the knees (outside)?


Ligaments are the elastic band of tissue which provides support to the joints. They connect the two bones and provide elasticity and stability to the joint.

There are four ligaments which provide stability and strength to the knee joint.

  • Anterior cruciate ligament.
  • Posterior cruciate ligament
  • Medial collateral ligament
  • Lateral collateral ligament

Ligaments on the outside of the knee joint are medial collateral and lateral collateral ligaments. Their main function is to provide stability to the knee joint and restrict the side way movement.

Causes of Knee Injury

  • By direct impact on the knee joint
  • In sports activity such as football, hockey, running, jumping. This sports require quick changes of direction
  • Condition such as osteoarthritis and obesity.
  • Accidents in car

Symptoms of Ligament Injury

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Knee joint instability

Investigation required to diagnose ligament injury

  • X-ray knee joint
  • MRI, CT scan
  • Ultra sound scan
  • Arthroscopy

Treatment may include

  • Muscle strengthening exercises guided by a trained physiotherapist
  • knee brace.
  • Ice fomentation
  • Surgery.

Some home remedies are:

  • Massage almond oil and garlic oil on the affected part.
  • Place wrapped chopped onion on the affected part
  • Pineapple helps to reduce pain due to stretching of the knee joint
  • Bandage warm cabbage leaves around the injury.
  • Stop doing the exercise which caused this injury
  • Turmeric powder in warm milk to be consumed daily