Joint Pain While Walking Or Sitting: Natural Remedies And Diet

Question: What can I do to stop the pain being so bad when I am sitting or getting up and walking?

Answer: Joint pains are the result of many conditions, but if they are chronic in nature i.e. if the symptoms of joint pain are chronic, then they can be due to osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

What Is Arthritis?

The word arthritis means inflammation of joints. In osteoarthritis there is degeneration of tissues present in the affected joint. Osteoarthritis is common in older age group. The pain usually increases after walking or running. The condition is a result of daily wear and tear of joint cartilage.

Usually weight bearing joints such as knee joint and spine are more affected.

In rheumatoid arthritis the lining surrounding the joint gets swollen. There are several attributing factors for rheumatoid arthritis such as heredity, streptococcal infection, imbalance of hormones, great amount of stress etc. Pain of rheumatoid arthritis is persistent. It is even present while taking rest or while sleeping.

Do you have swelling in joints, or are finger joints also affected? Do you have morning stiffness of joints?

Investigations advised are: Blood test for rheumatoid arthritis, serum calcium, ESR and  X-ray of knee joints, and spine.

X-ray will detect if there is structural change in the joint capsule.

Home Remedies For Joint Pain Relief

  • Raw potato juice is ideal treatment for arthritic pain.  Drink raw potato juice mixed in a glass of water early in the morning before taking your breakfast. It is a known cure for pain in the joints.
  • Black sesame seed is another useful remedy for joint aches. Soak one teaspoon of sesame seeds in a glass of water and keep it overnight. Eat the seeds early in the morning.
  • Drink water kept in copper vessel. Copper helps to keep the muscles strong and agile.
  • Calcium rich food helps in people having osteoarthritis of joints. Vitamin D also helps in deposition of calcium in the bone. Sunlight is natural source of vitamin D.
  • Mix 2 pieces of camphor in warm mustard oil. Massage the prepared oil on the inflamed and painful joints. It is known to relieve the stiffness and pain in joints.
  • If there is back pain while sleeping you can take short wave diathermy treatment from a physiotherapist.

Natural Cures And Diet For Arthritis Pain

First and foremost, it would be wise to achieve ideal body weight, in case of an obese / overweight person. This will reduce stress and pressure on the knee joint, thus eliminating pain.

  • Follow diet for arthritis strictly and step up the calcium intake. Calcium supplements are recommended. Increase milk consumption (about 2 cups daily).
  • If there is tingling numbness, take vitamin B supplements.
  • Fruits like pineapple, apple, and banana help to reduce swelling associated with arthritis. Daily consumption of 1 medium sized apple / 1 banana / 1/2 a pineapple is advised to ameliorate pain and stiffness of joints.
  • Stress is a contributing factor in arthritis. It’s not possible to eliminate stress altogether from our lives, what we can do is reduce its harsh effects on us. Meditation helps to reduce stress.
  • Take up some occupation or recreation that helps you unwind and de-stress.
  • Light exercises – walks, yoga, stretches will prove to be helpful to strengthen the joints, tendons, ligaments.
  • Acupressure therapy has miraculous healing benefits for arthritic joint pains.
  • Homeopathic medicines are effective in relieving joint pains. Some of the medicines are Rhus tox, Caulophylium etc. Since the principle of homeopathy is based on individualization, you have to consult a homeopath before taking any medicine.