Pulled Tendon in Ankle Natural Treatment | Tendon Injury Cure

Treatment for Pulled Tendon:

Ankle is one of the weight bearing joint of the body. It is under constant strain and it is likely to get affected if proper care is not taken while walking, running or doing any activity involving ankle joint. Tendon inflammation is called as tendonitis. It is covered with tendon capsule which also gets affected in same accident. This is called tenosynovitis. These two conditions usually occur together and are treated together.
Complaints during this are pain which is present during any movement.

Preventing Pulled Tendons:

  • Physical activity is completely stopped when one gets pulled tendon.
    While taking rest one should carry out some movements which will keep the muscles active or they may undergo atrophy due to inactivity.
  • Hot fomentation is best before starting the movement. It helps decrease the inflammation and thus promotes movement of the ankle without much pain. Apply a heating compress.
  • For fomentation of the ankle there after one can use towel wrung out from hot water on the ankle joint. It further helps in reducing sprained tendon inflammation.
  • After this is done one should apply a bandage over the joint for immobilization. Bandage should not be too tight or too loose.
  • For reduction of swelling in the ankle joint one should keep it above the heart level or while sleeping keep two pillows below your leg.

Home Remedies for Pulled Tendon:

  • Arnica is a year old remedy for pulled tendons. This arnica ointment can be applied over the sprained ankle 3-4 times in a day. This helps in early recovery and pain relieving.
  • Cayenne, applied topically, alleviates pain.
  • A poultice is made with flaxseed and fenugreek seeds. Both the seeds are grinded and made into powder. Add little water and made into paste. Apply this over the ankle to reduce swelling.
  • Apple cider vinegar compresses often relieve tendon injury and sprain. Apply strips of newspaper, soaked in vinegar, and then wrap this with airtight material. Change this three times in a day.