Causes Of Friedreich’s Ataxia Disease: Symptoms And Treatment

Question: I have a 12 year old son who cannot walk and falls down with both the hands shaking. I have consulted many doctors and did many tests. Is it because of genes, as told by the doctor since I’m married to cousin sister?

Consanguineous marriage up to second cousin degree has been known to cause Friedreich’s ataxia. It is a disorder which causes the progressive damage of the nervous system and results in gait disturbance, speech problems and heart disease.

It involves in coordination and clumsy movements of the muscles with unsteadiness in the gait.

It occurs due to degeneration of the nerve tissue in the spinal cord which directs the muscular movement of the arms and legs.

Treatment For Friedreich’s Ataxia Disease

As of now there is no specific treatment for Friedreich’s ataxia, and some drugs for the same are being trialed in the United States and Canada. Some surgical interventions are required for the spine and heart which include insertion of a metal rod in the spine to slow the progression of scoliosis. As the progression occurs one requires using cane, walker or wheelchair considering the dependence and reduced mobility.

Friedreich ataxia caused by an autosomal recessive gene located on the chromosome 9. The mean age for presentation of symptoms is about 6 years. Since it is an autosomal recessive gene disorder, it doesn’t occur in all children, though it may affect male and female equally. There is little that can be done for such patients and your child is bound to be dependent on surgery or medications for the rest of his life.

Use of Homeopathic medicine Gelsimium 3x, two pills, four times a day may help reduce muscular in coordination and work as a palliative medicine.