Ankle Sprain Rehab: Exercises, Programs and Protocol for Rehabilitation


My left ankle had sprained one and half year ago, I took many medicines but there is no relief in pain.
My Doctor told me that I have ligament tear, my problem is that I have mild pain and swelling in ankle and swelling and pain is increased if I walk more, after few time I am not able to walk; now currently I am taking homeopathic treatment for migraine from last 9 month. Can you suggest me some treatment and exercise for Ankle Sprain Rehab?


Many patients complain of problems lingering post ankle sprain; such as pain and swelling of the ankle joint for a long period.

Causes of Chronic Ankle Sprain

There are number of reasons for chronic ankle pain and swelling caused due to sprain and it is important to ascertain the cause, before planning the treatment.

  • Incomplete rehabilitation
  • Injury to surrounding ligaments
  • Cartilage injury
  • Tendon damage
  • Nerve injury

These are few of the common causes of chronic ankle sprain problems.

Before starting the rehabilitation program for ankle sprain you have to be evaluated by your doctor if there is any injury such as fracture, or high ankle sprain that may be the reason for this problem.

Ankle Sprain Rehab Exercises

The rehabilitation and exercise protocol for ankle sprain is:

  • Exercise that can stretch the ligaments in the ankle joint: stretching the Achilles tendon can be started after sustaining an ankle sprain.
    Sit on the floor and loop a towel around the toe of the affected foot. Pull the end of the towel pulling the toes upwards and towards you. You will feel the stretch in the back of the ankle. Perform this 2 to 3 times in a day for five to ten minutes.
  • Write the alphabet in the air with your toes while sitting or lying down. This will give good stretching exercise to your ligaments.
  • Strengthening of the muscles and the ligaments surrounding it to support the ankle joint and prevent further injury. Stand on your tip toes, and then in a controlled manner let the heel rest down.
  • Walk on your toes for one minute one then on your heels for one minutes
  • Infra red light exposure on the affected ankle also helps.
  • Physiotherapy treatment will be beneficial in such cases, so find a good physiotherapist for regular treatment with him.
  • As you are taking homeopathic medicine you can ask your doctor for a homeopathic medicine for ankle sprain, homeopathy has effective medicines for ankle sprain problem.
  • Can wear ankle brace while walking.

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