Bruised Tailbone Symptoms | Bruised Tailbone Treatment | Sore Coccyx

The tailbone or the coccyx bone is the small bone that the final segment of the spine. A tailbone injury can be caused by a mere fall or impact commonly when playing sports. This is probably because it is only held together by ligaments and joints being a segmented bone.

A bruised tailbone can take time to heal and sometimes the process lasts for several weeks. It is through the doctor’s help, usually recommending an X-ray, that you will know if there is just a bruise or a fractured tailbone.

Bruised Tailbone Symptoms

One has to guard every bone of the body to avoid further injury.

Sometimes it is hard for people to realize that something is wrong with their body and would find out about it when it is too late. The tailbone might be too small, but when it gets hurt, the pain it can bring can be excruciating. Here are things to watch out for when it comes to a hurt tailbone:

  • A sore tailbone gives a sharp pain at the lower back when lying down or sitting down, which may subside as you stand up but this should not be ignored.
  • The pain is agonizing in the course of sitting and getting up.
  • You’ll feel the sharp pains in the lower back and lower spine.
  • The tailbone shifts when standing up and the bulk of pressure are carried by it to support the weight as you stand. It is similar to putting pressure on a bruised skin: the longer the tailbone is stressed, the more painful it can be.

Sore Tailbone Treatment

The bruised tailbone symptoms will be apparent for the two to three months after injury and could be bothersome for a long while. The pain will eventually ease over time, unless it gets bruised once again.

Here are the things to do to care for a bruised tailbone:

  • To alleviate the tailbone pain, choose a soft surface to lay down with plenty of cushions.
  • Do not put pressure much on the back when standing up or sitting down, use the legs and arms in supporting the weight.
  • Provide yourself with a donut-shaped cushion. It will help take off a lot of pressure from the sore coccyx.
  • Try not to sit on hard surfaces.
  • Lift heavy weight from the legs and not the back. Bend knees when lifting and hunching.
  • If you think that you may not have only bruised the tailbone, go to the doctor right away.