Broken Ribs Recovery Time | Healing Time For Broken Ribs

Broken Ribs Recovery Time

  • Cracked ribs are considered a minor injury but are not an easy fix. Broken ribs recovery is slow.
  • It takes a good 6 to 8 weeks for fractured or broken ribs to heal. During this time it is imperative to observe for and treat any complications that could turn into emergency situations.
  • Unfortunately, pain will continue throughout the entire recuperation time.

Healing Time For Broken Ribs

  • Sustaining a punctured lung with broken ribs, is a possibility and there is a concern for developing pneumonia during the time of healing.

Treatments for Broken Ribs

  • Regardless of the simplicity of the rib injury, a visit to the doctor is always recommended.
  • Initial treatment for this potentially life threatening situation is to assess quickly for any respiratory distress, a cough that is productive for blood, or, tachycardia. All of those symptoms can alert you of lung damage.
  • Check for signs of a flail. If the chest is not rising and following evenly on both sides, it may signify that more than a couple ribs are broken. This will be evident if one side of the chest is up and the other is down on respiration.
  • If a flail is evident, you will want to log roll the person onto his injured side.

Broken Ribs Treatment

  • Splint the chest to avoid further injury by taping the ribs. Apply tape from the front of the chest, over the injured rib, and attach to the middle of the spine.
  • Never tape around the whole chest and back area. You may inhibit proper breathing by doing that.
  • Secure the arm to the chest on the side of the injury to restrict further movement.
  • If no tape is available, use a pillow or a soft knapsack stuffed with clothing or linens to splint the area.
  • Use strips of material or triangle shaped kerchiefs to secure in place.