Body Ache Natural Treatment | Body Ache Relief Remedies

Body Ache Natural Treatments

I have been suffering from continuous feeling of swelling and body aches for more than a week already. Could you advise as to what is physically wrong with me?

  • You could be afflicted with the flu. Aside from body ache it is characterized with loss of appetite, diaphoresis, inflamed lymph nodes, and heavy high-pitched breathing sounds. The flu is brought about by the influenza virus and greatly affects the nose, throat, and lungs.
  • If you have been feeling body-wide aches: painful joints such as the foot, hand, and knee and severe gas pains, most probably you are afflicted with fibromyalgia if this has been going on for more than a month at least.
  • If you have been feeling tiredness and weariness with severe intensity for the longest time now, it is possible that you are with chronic fatigue syndrome. Fever, erratic pains in the joints, and irritability are components of this illness too.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis is characterized by unexplained body aches, tingling feeling in the joints and muscles, weakness in the knee joint, and inflammation of the joints plus surrounding tissue. If you experience together with aforementioned symptoms chronic pain, then you are afflicted with arthritis.
  • Body aches that are accompanied by visual impairment, frequent palpitations, and oversensitive sense of hearing, you might have lyme disease.
    Joint stiffness, too much skin moisture, and upper abdominal pains accompanying body aches could mean viral gastroenteritis. You might come down with ordinary colds too.
  • Other related ailments to body aches are tick fevers, sprains and strains, and acute stress disorder. The first is with headache and vomiting. The second is with swollen and painful extremities. The last comes with impotence or missed menstrual period and rise in blood pressure.

Natural remedies for body aches

  • Drink lots of fluids especially water and fruits filled with vitamin C to help your body recover from any damage or stress. Eat foods that will help you ease the aches such as liver extracts and those that contain folic acid.
  • For immediate and temporary body ache relief you can have a massage provided by a professional because incompetence of the masseur will only make the body aches worse. You may also employ heat therapy by applying a hot bottle over afflicted areas.
  • Perform physical exercises that do not exert much pressure or stress on the muscles and joints. Some of the effective exercises are simple stretching, brisk walking, light jogging, and performance of simple tasks in the house. You can also do non-elaborate yoga physical exercises.
  • Eliminate the toxins and the negative energies surrounding you through sound stress management. This comes along with efficient time management. Smiling and chatting with friends will also help release the steam off you. Mental and emotional stresses have greater relevance than pure physical stress.