Aching Knuckles: Causes And Remedies For Pain In Knuckles And Fingers

Knuckles and fingers are vulnerable for wear and tear due to its constant use, therefore aching knuckles should be given proper attention, because if the joints are not remedied quickly, the damage may be permanent and long lasting.

Causes And Symptoms Of Aching Knuckles And Fingers

Aching knuckles and fingers if caused due to trauma may get better after few days or weeks as the inflammation subsides.

People who have habit of cracking knuckles should be more careful, because constant strain on the joints can cause arthritis and rheumatism of the knuckle joint.

Rheumatism of knuckles manifests as morning stiffness, and gradually the stiffness lasts whole day till you take some anti- inflammatory medicine.

Blood routine test, ESR and test for rheumatoid arthritis factor are initial investigations needed when you suspect rheumatoid arthritis.

X- Ray of finger and knuckle joint are advised by physicians to rule out arthritis.

Remedies For Pain In Knuckles Of Hand And Fingers

Simple home remedies for aching knuckles and fingers:

  • Soak aching knuckles and fingers in warm water for 15 to 20 minutes, it will give relief in pain and free the movements of the knuckle joint. Salt has the ability to absorb the pain from the body.
  • Aloe vera gel is other home remedy frequently used to get relief from aching knuckles.
    Apply aloe vera gel on the knuckles for half an hour, it will relieve the pain in cases of arthritis and rheumatism of knuckles and fingers.
  • Intake of antioxidants in the form of fruits and carrots help significantly in curing aching knuckles and fingers. Antioxidants protect our body against free radicals which damage the tissue cells.
  • Apply castor oil to get relief from arthritis of aching finger. Apply the oil regularly at night to get satisfactory result.