Mosquito Repellent For Babies: Natural Insect Repellent For Kids

A baby has a very sensitive and delicate skin. A single bite of mosquito will look very big spot on her skin. It will turn red and inflamed. As they are vulnerable to mosquito and other insect bites, babies should be protected more effectively with mosquito repellent.

Mosquito Repellent For Babies

Precautionary measures such as mosquito nets on the cradle when the baby is sleeping. Keeping the surrounding clean, covering the body with full length clothing are some measures that are useful.

There are many mosquito repellent are available which are safe for the babies.

Some of them are natural mosquito repellent. They are usually essential oils.

Mosquito repellent for babies come in spray, ointment, liquid and cream form.

Natural Insect Repellent For Kids

Natural mosquito repellent is far better than chemical one’s, as the baby skin is very delicate. They contain essential oils such as citronella, cedar, and eucalyptus oil.

It is very easy to make a homemade mosquito repellent for babies.

  • Mix 5 to 8 drops of any of the above mentioned essential oil to the base oil such as olive or almond oil.
  • You can apply on the extremities of the baby.
    But before applying it, test it on a small patch of baby’s skin for any reaction to the oil.
  • A reapplication may be necessary as the effect last for few hours.
  • Mother’s should not apply any mosquito repellent directly to the baby if he is below 3 months.

There are mosquito repellents containing DEET. But they are not as safe as natural mosquito repellents. Non DEET containing repellents contain permethrin which is believed to be harmful to babies.

Protecting Babies From Mosquitoes

Safe ways to protect babies from mosquito are.

  • Avoid taking babies outdoor in the evening.
  • Avoid using scented articles such as soaps or baby powders as they attract mosquitoes.
  • Wear full length clothes.
  • Do not apply repellent on face of the baby.
  • Use mosquito nets when baby is sleeping.

Keep your surrounding clean.