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How to Make Coffee Essential Oil

  • Get 1/2 cup of coffee.
  • Grind them thoroughly.
  • Transfer the ground coffee in a glass container with a tight lid.
  • Add 3-5 tablespoons of carrier oil such as jojoba oil, olive oil, mineral oil,
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Stomach Massage for Constipation Relief

  • Stomach massage for constipation is done by applying small circular movements starting at the right side of your appendix then move upward till you reach your rib cage. Apply light

Stomach Massage for Your Baby

Baby tummy massage for gas is done through the following manner:

  • Get your baby’s changing mat and lay your baby on a warm and soft surface.
  • Choose gentle abdominal massage oil specifically for infants and

One of the finest indicators of your well-being is lustrous, shiny, glowing hair on your head. Maintaining lustrous and healthy hair begins with nourishment of your scalp. The best way is to massage your scalp and head with heated oil …

Foot and Leg Massage Techniques

The following are effective foot and leg massage techniques that may help give relief to foot pain.

  • Stroking. This foot massage technique is done by applying light pressure on the target area to elicit response.