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What are the symptoms associated with phosphorus deficiency?


Phosphorus is one of the most essential mineral required by the body for its daily activity. It is found in nature in abundant quantity, when it combines with oxygen it …


I am 30yrs of age. I keep on getting urinary tract infection every 1-2 months. Currently I’m taking levofloxacin tabs. But I want to seek a permanent cure of it, so that it doesn’t occur again &again. Can you …


What is my disease?

I am suffering from

1. Cough – Two months
2. Indigestion followed by vomiting – Rarely
3. Drowsiness – Most of the day


What is your age?

Do you smoke cigarettes? Or do you …

Question: Why my eyes have become red and swollen. My eyes have become puffy. What is the reason?

Answer: It is said that the eyes tell it all no matter how hard you try to hide it whether …

Question: I find some slight cuts on my toes which are painful at times and the area around those cuts has become black in color. Kindly suggest me some home remedies for the same.

Answer: The signs and …