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White blood cells are the body’s warriors and soldiers. These white blood cells hold the important function of fighting against the body’s infection. Lowered white blood cell counts can put the child at risk for infection. There are many factors …

The ears are the organs responsible for a person’s sense of hearing. The ears are protected by a thin layer of earwax also known as cerumen. Cerumen helps protect the ears from harmful pathogens, cleans the ears, lubricates the ears, …

Diffuse Esophageal Spasm Symptoms

  • Individuals experiencing esophageal spasms may have symptoms similar to those having heart attack, chest heaviness or pain that radiates from the chest to the shoulders, arms, neck and jaw.
  • Swallowing difficulty may it be food or

Diet for Leukemia Patients

Eating healthy foods is important for everyone. Patients diagnosed with Leukemia need a healthy balanced diet to boost their immune system and fight off infection. Their diet should consist of whole grains, low fat proteins like …

Bubbles in urine, what does it mean? Are bubbles in urine normal?

  • Urine bubbles are normal if it quickly disappears. It is often triggered by the forceful flow of urine hitting the toilet bowl or floor. Also, certain toxins or