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I am suffering from epididymo orchitis from four days. I am suffering from pangs of severe pains and continuous fever. Currently going through antibiotic treatment. I am anxious to know about recovery period from this disease.


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I am 21 years of age. I am facing a problem of irregular periods from the time I got my first period. And nowadays before 6-7 days I get my periods, my breast becomes heavy and pains a lot 

Possible Causes of Sharp Pain in Ovary

If you feel sharp pain in ovary, it should be reported immediately to a doctor as this might indicate serious health problems. The female reproductive organ has two ovaries. Their function is to …

Cloudy urine in the morning has many possible causes. It may be attributed by the food or drink during the prior day or by some type of infection. Urine is normally cloudy in the morning because it is most concentrated …

Ear disorders are not usually fatal but can be debilitating. It can compromise the body’s equilibrium and hearing and impair the ability to get along with life. Ear infections are the main cause of a foul smell ear and can …