Health Benefits Of Yohimbe Bark: What Are Its Side Effects?

Since centuries Yohimbe has gained its popularity for treating male sexual dysfunction. It is considered to be one of the few natural aphrodisiacs. Studies have shown that the use of yohimbe increases blood circulation in the genital area of both male and female.

The yohimbe tree grows wildly along the West coast of Africa from Nigeria, Congo to Gabon. The evergreen tree is tall and has leathery leaves. The bark of yohimbe tree has many health benefits. The bark extract has long been valued as an aphrodisiac by natives of West Africa for centuries.

The tea prepared from bark is used for erectile dysfunction and works as a sexual stimulant. The principal compound found in the bark of yohimbe tree is an alkaloid called Yohimbine. The compound found in yohimbe bark is known to be precursor of testosterone. The extract of yohimbe bark is sold in many health food stores.

Traditionally people living in certain parts of Africa used the decoction prepared from yohimbe bark for treating fevers, cough and chronic disease leprosy. In recent times several other primary applications are promoted for different health problems.

Yohimbe Benefits For Men

Impotence is defined as the inability to achieve and maintain penile erection.

Also called erectile dysfunction in modern medical terminology, this sexual disorder is common in men with an estimate of 25 percent over the age of 50. Poor circulation due to atherosclerosis and low level of testosterone are two main causes of impotence in men.

Due to erectile dysfunction many men may have a feeling of worthlessness, humiliation and despair. This can be a cause of depression in some individuals. Yohimbe is a natural remedial rescue in such cases. Yohimbine, the active alkaloid found in yohimbe is well known for its ability to dilate blood vessels of skin and mucus membrane.

The arousal effect associated with yohimbe is related to this dilatation. Yohimbine increases the blood flow and enlarges the vessels in sexual organs as well as increases reflex excitability in lower spinal cord. The erection becomes hard and firm due to increased blood flow in the penis.

Health Benefits Of Yohimbe Bark Extract

  • For endurance and strength: Yohimbe is found in some herbal formulas used for endurance and sustained strength during exercise and for body building. This reaction is thought to be due to yohimbe being a precursor to testosterone. Increase in testosterone level is believed to improve strength and endurance. Stimulation of certain hormones such as testosterone seems to help with athletic performance.
  • Depression: Yohimbe is known to treat depression. This it does by blocking an enzyme called monoamine oxidase. However, the result is achieved only when the dose is high. But intake of high dose can prove toxic and unsafe.
  • Useful for relieving Fatigue: Though there is no considerable clinical data available, many patients using yohimbe felt much better when they took yohimbe extract when they were fatigued.

Yohimbe Bark Side Effects

The herb yohimbe has been recognized by many people as an effective way to deal with erectile dysfunction, fatigue and effects of aging, using it in right dose can enhance the quality of life. However, yohimbine, the main alkaloid present in yohimbe herb is thought to be toxic if ingested in high doses.

It may cause side effects such as headache, increased heart rate, dizziness, elevation of blood pressure etc. It is therefore not recommended for patients who are suffering from major illnesses such as heart problems, kidney diseases, etc. It is always prudent to consult your health care practitioner before taking yohimbe.