Why Do Hangovers Make You Tired? Getting Rid Of Hangover Fatigue

A hangover is a term used for an umbrella of signs and symptoms which occur after drinking excessive amount of alcohol. The person suffering from hangover always feels fatigued and dizzy the next morning when he gets up. This may affect his work ability. Aside from the physical symptoms, he may also experience elevated anxiety level and feel depressed. In majority, headache is the constant feature.

The general acceptance is that the severity of hangover depends on the amount of alcohol consumed and the number of hours you sleep. Less hours of sound sleep is linked to a worsen hangover.

It is not possible to conclude how much amount of alcohol a person should consume to avoid hangover. The amount may vary from one person to another. There is no one thing that cures a hangover except time. But there are few things that a sufferer can do to relieve his symptoms painlessly the coming day.

Why Does Hangovers Make You Feel Tired?

The reason for hangover is excessive consumption of alcohol. However, it is not possible to know how much amount of alcohol may cause hangover. For one person, even a single drink may lead to hangover, and another person may not suffer from hangover even after several drinks.

There are numerous factors responsible for feeling tired the next day after consuming alcohol.

  • Excessive urination: Alcohol consumption causes excessive urination. It obviously dehydrates the body. Naturally the person having dehydration feels exhausted and tired.
  • Low sugar level: Sugar level falls after consuming excessive amount of alcohol. It will manifest in symptoms such as fatigue, disturbed mood, dizziness etc.
  • Dilated blood vessels: Throbbing headache of hangover results from dilation of blood vessels in the head. Headache makes the person feel tired and irritable.
  • Lack of quality sleep: Indeed less number hours you sleep after drinking alcohol may deteriorate your peak performance in the morning.
  • Congeners: Ethyl alcohol is the main active ingredient of alcoholic drinks. Other substances known as congeners formed during the making of alcohol are responsible for many other symptoms of hangover, tiredness being one of them.
  • Low immune level: All in all the immune system is also attacked due to excessive alcohol consumption. With low immune level, person easily becomes fatigued and tired.

How To Get Rid Of Hangover Fatigue?

Normally the symptoms of hangover subside on its own after 24 hours. It is only time that cures a hangover. However, there are some possible suggestions to alleviate hangover symptoms faster.

  • Drink fruit juice: Fruit juice contains fructose. It is a form of sugar which helps the body to burn alcohol at faster pace. A large glass of orange juice or tomato juice will help to accelerate removal of alcohol still present in the system the morning after.
  • Drink water: Alcohol consumption causes dehydration. To replenish the body with enough fluids drink plenty of water before you go to bed and again when you get up in the morning. This may relieve tiredness and discomfort caused by dehydration. You can add few drops of lemon and one tablespoon of honey. Lemon drops contain vitamin C which aids to boost immune system and provides the energy needed. Honey contains fructose.
  • Eat a good meal: A balanced meal contains all the essential vitamins and minerals that are needed to replace the loss. But at the same time keep the meal light. Avoid fried and fatty foods.
  • Drink homemade soups: A soup broth will help to replace the salt and potassium your body has lost after drinking. Eat bananas as they contain plenty of potassium. You will feel less tired after eating foods that is enriched with natural salts.
  • Eat cinnamon: Excess alcohol consumption can cause low level of blood sugar in the body. Person will feel tired when the sugar level is low. Cinnamon has natural quality of balancing blood sugar level. Sprinkle a teaspoon of cinnamon on the food that you eat.
  • Take B-complex vitamins: Excess booze can drain your body of valuable vitamins. Research suggests that body turns to B vitamins when it is under stress. Overtaxing the body with excessive consumption of alcohol can definitely lead to body stress. A capsule of B- complex vitamin can help to shorten the duration of tiredness.
  • Eat yogurt: Drinking large amount of alcohol can reduce vitamin B5 in the body. It is one of the substances present in coenzyme A. This enzyme is a major energy booster. Yogurt contains plenty of B5 vitamins and helps to energize the body back to normal.