Waking Up With A Headache In The Morning: Causes And Treatment

For many people waking up early in the morning is more refreshing for a great day ahead. However, there are few unfortunates who find waking in morning extremely discomforting, the reason is morning headache. Headaches in morning as soon as you get up may last for few hours or continue throughout the day.

Waking up with headache may be a sign of hangover if you had been out drinking at night. But there are other possible chronic reasons such as sleep apnea, improper sleep position, teeth grinding, etc which also trigger morning headaches.

People having morning headaches experience pain all over the head, especially in temple and over the scalp. Often headache worsens after exposure to bright sunlight.

Causes Of Waking Up With A Headache In The Morning

There are number of factors responsible for morning headaches. Between 4 am to 8 am, endorphins are at its lowest. This hormone is a natural painkiller. Since it is low during this period, body recognizes even the slightest pain. Headaches which prominently occur in morning hours usually are caused due to sleep apnea and snoring.

People who suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding), high blood pressure are also known to have early morning headaches.

If you are suffering from sinusitis, a condition caused due to inflammation in sinuses that are located in cheeks and below the eyes you may be susceptible to get headaches when you wake up in the morning.

Overuse of painkillers for headache can sometimes cause rebound phenomenon. It can worsen the headaches, especially in the morning hours. The most common medications are those which contain caffeine, decongestants and migraine medicines.

Stress, anxiety and depression are known to trigger early morning headaches. Headaches in morning can be a sign of onset of cold and flu.

Sleeping in awkward position can be a cause as tension in the muscles of neck, jaw and shoulder can trigger pain in head.

Symptoms Of Morning Headaches

In most cases morning headaches are mild to moderate in nature. Patient wakes up with heaviness in head. If the cause is sinusitis, the pain will worsen when he bends his head forward. Patient often complains of a band around his head. It is usually on both sides of head, especially in the temple area and on the scalp.

There may be accompanying symptoms such as nausea and occasional vomiting. Morning headaches can be episodic or regular depending on the cause. If the condition is chronic patient often feels depressed when he wakes up.

Treatment For Headaches On Waking Up

Waking up with headache can be episodic or a regular problem depending on the cause. The main of aim of treating morning headache is to address the underlying cause. For example if it is a single episode after binge drinking at night, consuming water and fluid will help to replenish the body fluids as too much drinking can be a cause for dehydration, which can trigger headache. Add honey and lemon juice in one glass of water. Drink the solution one or two times in the morning to cure such form of headache.

Improve your posture while sleeping if you suspect improper posture as a trigger. Learn relaxing techniques if you are stressed or depressed because most tension headaches that occur in early morning are caused due to these factors. Meditation, yoga is useful in reducing stress and depression. Alternative measures such as massage and acupressure are time tested treatment for curing headaches as they increase blood circulation. Rub your temple gently after you wake up in morning.

Some people have found relief from morning headaches after an orgasm. The benefit may be due to dilation of blood vessels that occur during an orgasm. Sexual intercourse therefore during early morning hours is found beneficial among those who have headaches in morning.

Eating healthy diet consisting green leafy vegetables, foods rich in omega 3 fatty acid is also effective in preventing morning headaches if it a chronic occurrence.