Sweating After Drinking Alcohol: What Causes It And How To Stop?

Alcohol is one of the most popular social drinks accepted by society even after knowing its toxic effect on mind as well as body. There are many side effects of alcohol; some are instant while some are chronic and long standing. Sweating is one such side effect which many people experience soon after drinking alcohol.

Some people may complain of perspiration after drinking in large amount, there are many who start sweating even with one round of alcohol. In order to understand why it happens, it is necessary to know alcohol metabolism.

What Causes Sweating After Drinking Alcohol?

Alcohol similar to any food or drink gets absorbed in the intestine. From here it reaches to the liver where metabolism takes place. Liver has enzymes to metabolize alcohol. However, it cannot metabolize all at one time. In an hour it can only metabolize limited amount. When a person consumes more than the amount liver can metabolize, it remains circulating in the blood giving rise to unwanted side effects such as sweating.

The circulating alcohol causes dilatation of blood vessels. Capillaries underlying the skin also widen. As a result, the skin becomes warm.

Sweat glands become active to cool down the skin by producing fluid which we call as sweat. It is completely a physiological process, it occurs in the same way when a person perspires after exercising.

Night sweating is common after drinking alcohol, more particularly among those who are suffering from alcohol dependence. Drinking large amounts of alcohol will lead to accumulation of alcohol and it will constantly dilate the vessels. It will thus lead to sweating for a long time at night. Night sweats of such origin will accompany hot flushes on face.

Body of certain persons is intolerant to the slightest amount of alcohol. Alcohol intolerance is also one of the causes of sweating accompanied with other symptoms such as vomiting, nausea and gastric irritation.

Normally the liver is able to metabolize 12 ounce of beer or 5 ounce of wine in an hour. If a person drinks anything more than this in an hour  he is prone to sweating. However, since each person is different, the amount may vary slightly.

How To Stop Sweating When Drinking Alcohol?

Sweating due to alcohol is not long standing condition, and the best possible way to avoid is to completely avoid alcohol. Since alcohol has many toxic substances in it, avoidance will reduce the chances of damaging vital organs like kidneys, liver and heart. Below are given some important tips to avoid perspiration if at all a person resorts to binge drinking.

  • Drink enough water before drinking alcohol. It will help to keep your body well hydrated and reduce sweating. Also drink water between the rounds.
  • Avoid eating spicy and oily food with alcohol.
  • Stay in cool atmosphere, preferably in an air-conditioned room.
  • Eat foods which contain soy such as tofu or soy milk. It contains phytoestrogens which is known to curb the symptom.
  • Flax seeds contain estrogen which is also beneficial in checking perspiration after binge drinking.
  • Evening prime rose oil is known to reduce night sweats after drinking excessively. It consists a substance called gamma linoleic acid which is found beneficial in reducing night time sweats resulting from drinking alcohol.
  • Wearing loose garments is generally preferred to avoid sweating. It also applies for reducing sweating due to alcohol consumption.
  • Persons who are intolerant to certain substances in alcohol should avoid drinking alcohol containing these substances. For example if a person is allergic to grapes, he should avoid wine. If he is allergic to yeast, he should not consume beer.