Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Scars On Lips: What Are Its Causes?

Human lips are essential part of the body. It has multiple roles to play. It covers the mouth and teeth, prevents food and saliva from spilling out of the mouth and helps to speak. Besides its physiological function, lips are also object of attraction; it adds color to women’s beauty and men’s persona. A sweet smile with well maintained lips grabs everyone’s attraction. However, a scar on lip can mar all its beauty.

Lip scar that usually occurs after a deep cut or a piercing can profoundly affect a person’s self esteem.

Since lips are delicate tissue, scar on lip is not easy to remove. However, several home remedies and dermatological procedures are available to remove or fade the scar. Disappearance of lip scar depends on how old it is and its depth.

What Are The Causes Scars On Lips?

Scar on lip can develop due to several reasons. The lip skin is delicate. Mild cut or an abrasion can cause deep wound leaving behind ugly looking scar once the wound heals.

Nowadays lip scar is common among young generation, it is because of their fascination for tattooing and lip piercing.

Lip scar can occur if the piercing becomes infected.

Acne, boils, and skin infection on or around lips can cause deep wound which may heal after treatment leaving an embarrassing scar. Lip scar can develop after cold sore. Cold sores are contagious. They are caused by virus. Cold sores heal after 10 to 14 days but may leave behind scars.

Home Remedies To Remove Scars From Lips

Several home remedies are useful to treat scars on lips. However, the scars may fade depending on its severity.

  • Vitamin E oil is time tested remedy for treatment of lip scars. Apply vitamin E oil which is readily available in bottle or break open one capsule of vitamin E oil and apply on the lip. Regular application will fade away lip scar.
  • Coconut or olive oil application is beneficial in reducing scar that occurs after cuts or after acne. Take few drops of any one oil and apply it with your fingertips. Massage with your finger for five to ten minutes. You will observe reduction in scar tissue after few months of applying this natural oil.
  • A mix of lemon juice and honey is another option for getting rid of scar from lips. Mix both honey and lemon juice in a teaspoon and apply it over the affected lip. Let the thin layer remain for 30 minutes before you wash your lips with water. Lip scar fades away within few weeks of its application.

Some lip scars are deep and old. They are stubborn scars which may need more intensive dermatological procedure. You doctor may recommend several options. Applying retinol cream on the scar is effective way in reducing its visibility. It is because retinoids have ability to regenerate skin.

Chemical peel and dermabrasion are other dermatological options to get rid of deep lip scars. Nowadays fillers are used in the lips to make the lip plump and hide the scars. Human collagen is introduced in the scars to fade them.