Faster Recovery From Sickness: How To Recover From Illness Quickly

There are several ways in which an individual can recover faster from a sickness. It is essential to ensure that recovery is complete, especially to avoid a relapse of the illness, which may in turn result in a longer recovery time.
While recovering from sickness, special precautions need to be taken during the convalescence period to hasten recovery.

Recovery From Sickness Time Period

There are several factors that govern the length of the recovery period which include,

  • The severity of the disease: A more serious illness, involving multiple organs may take longer time to recover compared to a disease or illness limited to a single organ.
    Recover from a viral infection may be prompt, if not associated with complications, while recovery from a viral infection associated with secondary bacterial infection may take longer to recover.
  • Acute or chronic nature of the ailment: Recovery takes longer in cases of a chronic ailment compared to an acute problem.
  • Organ involved: The recovery from illness often depends upon the organs that are involved. Recovery following an upper respiratory tract infection is more prompt compared to recovery following a lower respiratory tract infection.
  • Disease onset and incubation period: Often diseases with a slow and gradual onset, tend to take longer time to resolve compared to diseases which are sudden in onset.
  • Other factors include the medication, underlying health condition of the patient, age of the patient etc also govern the recovery period.

How To Recover From Illness Quickly?

Often patients are prescribed medications and therapy to treat the underlying illness, however there are certain measures which can hasten recovery after the illness.

  • Diet plays a crucial role in hastening the process of recovery. Initially, a high fluid diet is recommended as it is easy to digest compared to a solid diet. Ensure that the diet is balanced, to avoid any deficiency disorders that might arise after an illness.
  • Include fresh fruits, vegetables, whole wheat and grain products, dairy products in your diet, depending upon the condition. Avoid processed food, oily and fatty foods and spicy foods, as they are difficult to digest and may delay the process of recovery.
  • Dietary supplements like Vitamins, minerals like calcium and magnesium, etc play a crucial role in averting deficiency disorders, which are common after an illness.

Getting Better From Sickness

Based on the physician’s advice, it is crucial to follow the guidelines provided to hasten recovery.

  • Always ensure that you follow up with your physician and keep them posted about your progress.
  • Ensure that you provide complete details of your medical history to your physician to make prompt diagnosis and suggest appropriate treatment regimen.
  • Rest plays a crucial role in hastening recovery. Avoid strenuous work and routine activities, especially during the convalescence phase to hasten recovery.

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