Poor Circulation In Hands While Sleeping: Causes Of Numbness In Hands

You may be unaware of poor circulation in your hand while you are sleeping, unless you know the symptoms of the condition. There is tingling and numbness sensation in your hands and the fingers, which makes you to wake up in the middle of the night, causing disturbance in your sleep. This is the primary symptom of poor circulation in your arms and fingers.

Although common, poor circulation should not be ignored as there are various reasons which may be as trivial as poor posture while lying down to more serious such as a heart disease.

Most of the time poor circulation is caused due to constriction of the artery, veins and capillaries in your extremities. The problem can get aggravated in cooler climate and in winter season. Elderly individuals and those having sedentary life are prone to poor circulation in the hands at night.

Causes Of Numbness In Hands At Night

The common causes of poor blood circulation in hands while sleeping are;

  • The first thing that you have to do is examine the pillow and the bed on which you lie down. Probably it might be partially responsible for poor circulation in your arms and hands.
    If you have the habit of sleeping on the sides, select a pillow that is hard made from foam or sponge that can support your head and neck. Similarly your bed mattress should not be very soft so that the spinal curvature is strained.
  • Pinched nerve: the condition known as carpel tunnel syndrome is also a reason for tingling and numbness in the hands while you are sleeping.
  • Heart disease is one such serious condition that may cause poor circulation in hands while sleeping.
  • Preexisting hypertension, diabetes, high level of cholesterol are some of the conditions that are known to cause poor circulation in hands at night.

Symptoms of poor circulation in hands during sleep

  • Tingling sensation from the arms to the tip of the finger.
  • Numbness in the arm.
  • Cold fingers.
  • Fingers turn pale and blue as there is lack of circulation in the hand and finger.

Home Remedies For Poor Circulation In Hands While Sleeping

  • Exercise increases the blood circulation all across the body, besides it also burns the excess of calories and effectively reduces weight.
  • Cayenne pepper is an important home remedy to improve the blood flow and strengthen the heart. It is useful when there is poor circulation in hands at night.
  • Massage is useful alternative therapy in treating poor circulation in hands.
  • Herbs such a Ginko Biloba and certain vitamins are known to relax the blood vessels and improve the circulation.

Ginger and garlic is natural blood purifier. Both improve blood circulation therefore you should incorporate ginger and garlic in your daily food. Ginger tea with a teaspoon of honey will improves blood circulation and reduces the recurrence of poor circulation in hands while sleeping.