Polarity Therapy Benefits and Side Effects: How Is it Performed?

Polarity therapy is a holistic way of healing illnesses based on Western and Eastern techniques. The therapy focuses on balancing of energy flow in the body which has been blocked. This therapy is based on the idea that to maintain normal health and well being, electromagnetic energy of the body has to flow from positive to negative pole, through a neutral field. A disturbance in this flow of energy results in illnesses. This concept of health and healing was developed by Dr Randolph Stone decades ago.

Polarity therapy considers the 7 Ayurvedic Chakras as the primary energy center.

The right side of body and head is considered to be a positive pole and left side of body and feet are considered as negative pole. The spine is considered to be a neutral place. Practitioners of polarity therapy use manipulation, touch, exercise, diet and relaxation techniques to help the smooth flow of energy.

Health Benefits Of Polarity Therapy

Polarity therapy is beneficial at all levels which includes not only physical but also mental, spiritual and emotional. It provides relief in pain, increases range of motion in people suffering from arthritis. This therapy is also suitable for people who feel weak and fatigued all the time.

Polarity therapy is also known to be an effective alternative therapy for treating cases of stubborn migraine headaches. Women suffering from premenstrual syndrome find it very effective in relieving the complaints. Practicing it regularly helps in relieving stress during pregnancy. It is also beneficial in relieving muscle spasm in the back and legs.

How Is Polarity Therapy Performed?

In the first polarity therapy session, the person is asked about his illnesses and any other past ailments that he may have suffered from. The therapist also inquires about diet, physical work, exercise and more. The patient is made to lie down fully clothed on a massage table. The therapist then checks imbalances and blocked energy flow in the body by moving his hands from head to toe. The touch is gentle but penetrating enough to keep the body relaxed.

Once he has found the blockage in energy flow, he will begin the therapy from the head again with gentle stroking, twisting, curling of toes, rocking of body to clear the energy field inside the system. Often the results of polarity therapy are instant and the patient may often have outburst of emotions that are suppressed within. After the initial burst, patient feels extremely comfortable and relaxed both mentally as well as physically.

The therapy does not end here and the therapist may also instruct you to do certain exercises at home such as deep breathing, stretching, hearing sound vibrations which often reduces daily tensions and increases the effects of polarity therapy.

If you are affected by negativity, the therapist may also suggest sessions which help remove negativity and enhance self esteem. Patient is generally advised for change in lifestyle which helps far away in living harmoniously with the surrounding.

Side Effects Of Polarity Therapy

As such there are no side effects of polarity therapy, if it is done by a person who is expert in this field. If the technique is improper it can cause injury to the patient. People suffering from heart disease, cancer, arthritis should take polarity therapy as a complementary alternative treatment. It should not be a substitute of conventional treatment in such cases. Relying completely on this therapy in serious diseases may have serious consequences on health.