Pinto Beans Calories And Nutritional Value And Health Benefits

Pinto beans are extremely popular in Mexican cuisine. With a beige background and red dotted spots, they appear to be different from other beans, although they belong to the same family of kidney beans and black beans. The botanical name of pinto beans is ‘Phaleolus Vulgaris’. In Spain they call it frijol pinto, meaning ‘painted beans’. When cooked, the color of pinto beans changes to pink.

Cooked pinto beans have attractive creamy texture. These beans in their dried form are available either in packed container or as bulk beans. Both varieties are available in all seasons throughout United States and Mexico.

Pinto beans have its origin in Peru and later on it spread all over America. In 15th century, pinto beans were brought by traders in European continent, especially by the Spanish explorers. After that, it made its way in Asian and African countries. Since the beans are cheap and rich source of proteins, they gained popularity all over the world in a very short period. Today these beans are regarded as store house of nutrients such as vitamins, fibers, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals. Pinto beans are low in fat. Taking into account all these facts, pinto beans are healthy food choice.

Calories And Nutritional Value Of Pinto Beans

After knowing the historical background of pinto beans and its important nutrients, let us know some calorie facts of pinto beans. The two fact should always be remembered when we are discussing pinto beans, they are, pinto beans are rich in proteins and they have high content of fiber.

Serving size 1 cup:

  • Calories = 200cal.
  • Protein = 11gm.
  • Carbohydrate = 35gm.
  • Fiber = 20%.
  • Fats=1.5gm,.
  • Cholesterol =0.
  • Vitamin C2%.
  • Calcium 6%.
  • Iron 10%.

Pinto beans are also good source of minerals and salts such as molybdenum, potassium, sodium, magnesium, manganese, folate, and tryptophan.

Health Benefits Of Pinto Beans

  • Since pinto beans have plenty of fiber content, it is useful for lowering cholesterol level in blood.
  • Because of high amount of fibers, pinto beans prevents sudden rise of sugar in the blood. Thus it is useful for a patient suffering from diabetes or who has insulin resistance.
  • The fiber content also helps to eliminate bile in the digestive tract. It forms gel like substance in the intestine, which latches the bile and eliminates it from the body.
  • Pinto beans help to relieve chronic constipation.
  • Pinto beans are a rich and cheap source of proteins. It is good for a growing child, malnourished child and patient suffering from protein energy malnourishment.
  • If you are a sports person, or working tirelessly for building muscles in gym, protein is very important portion in your diet. Consider eating pinto beans and brown rice as a natural source of protein, instead of taking protein supplements.
  • Patient suffering from iron deficiency anemia should always include pinto beans in their diet, since it is a rich source of iron. A pregnant woman or women of menstrual age, and lactating women are always in need of iron.
  • Since pinto beans has high amount of magnesium, potassium, folate and fiber, it is good for heart. Patient suffering from hypertension, atherosclerosis or heart disease can eat pinto beans as often as they can.
  • Molybdenum present in pinto beans helps to detoxify the sulfites. Many people are sensitive to sulfites which are present as preservative in salads and other food preparations.