Benefits Of Olive Oil For Eyebrow Growth: How To Use Olive Oil?

Eyebrow is the frame of our face. It plays a significant role in our appearance. For men eyebrows may not be as important as they are for women. Many great beauties are known for their distinctive eyebrows. Eyebrows were evolved to keep sweat away from our eyes.

Apart from this, they serve lot of function. Eyebrow serves as expression of our facial features. They become a part of nonverbal communication. You can move your eyebrow up and down to convey your feelings, whether you are surprised, pleased or angry.

Men and women alike long to for thick eyebrows.

However, many women try to wax, pluck and shape their bushy eyebrows for cosmetic reasons. In their over zealousness, they may over tweeze or over wax their eyebrow hair. Illness and age are other reasons for thin and sparse eyebrow. Isn’t it easier to remove hair? But sometimes to regrow it again is as difficult a task. If you are worried of your thin eyebrow hair, stay calm, certain natural oils such as olive oil can help to regrow your hair at a faster pace. The only rider is your eyebrow hair follicle should be healthy.

The last word hair follicle I have mentioned is because it matters a lot. Each hair grows from hair follicle. Hair follicle provides food for your hair. If the follicle is healthy it is easy for hair to grow. But if your hair follicle is shrunk or dead, there is little chance for regrowth of hair. In case of eyebrow there is a ray of light. Constant plucking and tweezing can damage the follicle, but most of the time, the thin eyebrow grows itself, it only requires patience. Eyebrow hair normally grow slowly. Application of olive oil enhances its growth during such period.

Benefits Of Olive Oil For Eyebrows

People know since centuries the beauty enhancing properties of olive oil. Ancient Greeks used olive oil for beauty treatment as well as for culinary purpose. Olive oil is a great moisturizer; it is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants.

Olive oil makes your eyebrow grow. It not only promotes growth of eyebrows, but also makes it coarse and thick. Often dandruff on eyebrow is responsible for loss of hair.

Antioxidant properties of olive oil provide all the nourishment to eyebrow hair follicle. In this way it nourishes, moisturizes and helps to enhance the growth of eyebrow hair at as faster pace.

How To Use Olive Oil For Eyebrow Growth?

Olive oil is easy to use. It is somewhat greasy. You have to apply it before going to bed on your eyebrows. It is necessary to know how to apply, because rubbing it too vigorously may be harmful for the skin.

Take few drops of virgin olive oil in your fingers and gently massage it over the eyebrows. Massage in the direction of hair growth.

Let it remain there overnight. It will get absorbed into the skin and hair follicle. If you do not want to apply it with your fingers, then put few drops of olive oil on cotton swab and gently apply it on the eyebrows.

For good growth of eyebrows apply olive oil regularly at night, before going to sleep.