What Do Noseeum Bites Look Like? Home Remedies To Treat It

No matter how tiny the insect is, anyone who is bitten by noseeum will remember it for life time. The pain and intense itching will persist for many days once a person is bitten by noseeum. It is a bloodsucker insect smaller than mosquito which can pass through window screens.

Noseeum fly is known by many other names such as sand fly, sand flea etc. It’s scientifically called ceratopognidae. Noseeum fly dwells on beaches, wetlands, and wherever there is moist soil. They usually remain within few yards of their breeding place.

Symptoms Of Noseeum Bites

Nosseum stings are sharp as its mouth is like a dagger.

It pierces the skin to suck blood. Unlike mosquito bites, noseeum bites causes instant irritation as it does not have a numbing agent. The saliva of noseeum keeps the blood thin. Noseeum bites several times and many noseeum fly bite at the same time when they sense human blood. They usually bite on the exposed areas of skin.

They usually bite on legs, hands and on the back of neck. The insect bites in small area and several times. It causes severe pain and irritation after bites. There is severe itching sensation and it remains for several days after the bite.

The bitten area becomes red and welts form. With several nearby bites the itching is intense and patient tends to scratch the area.

Once the skin is broken there is a risk of infection. Noseeum bites are worse than mosquito bites. Sometimes, persons may have tiny blisters on the welts. In severe and abundant number of bites the symptoms may prolong for more than two weeks.

Home Remedies To Treat Noseeum Bites

Noseeum fly bites on the exposed areas of skin. They bite several times in the nearby area. Usually noseeum bites can give intense pain and itching sensation. The primary remedial measure is to reduce swelling and alleviate itching which gets worsened upon scratching.

Once you know that the bites are due to noseeum, the symptoms can be relieved only after applying a strong topical analgesic. Over the counter creams containing antihistamine is useful to control itching sensation. Sometimes oral antihistamines may be necessary to treat the condition.

The best way is to get protected from noseeum bites if you know of the presence of this tiny insect in the area where you stay. Stay away from their breeding place and stagnant water reservoirs, empty pots, and discarded tyers.

Aloe vera gel is soothing home remedy for itching and burning sensation. Apply it liberally over the affected bite area.