Can Music Soothe Stress Headache? Music Therapy For Migraine

In any culture and society you will find music to be an important aspect of expression and communication. Music has powerful effect on human mind and behavior, and researchers have proved it. Hearing music can stir up feelings of excitement, mood changes and variety of emotions. Many people define music as an organized sound.

In today’s world where people feel stressed all the time, hearing music gives relaxation and tranquility. Music therapy has healed many health disorders. People with intellectual impairment and learning difficulties have benefited by listening music. Hearing music also helps to soothe headache, especially headache due to stress and migraine headaches.

Common Causes Of Headaches

One of the most frequent pains experienced by body is headache. Treating headache is not an easy task as there are varied reasons for headache. It can be a symptom of many diseases ranging from allergy, insomnia, stress and migraine. Certain food allergy can trigger headache. It can lead to sinusitis, where one of its prominent symptoms is frontal headache.

Though the origin and etiology of migraine is not yet completely understood, various environmental factors including stress are known to trigger it. Migraine headache is usually one sided, but sometime pain may be felt all over head.

Stress in itself can lead to headache. Stress of long duration tightens muscles of head. Tightened muscles squeeze blood vessels and nerves in head, triggering headache. Stress also releases excessive cortisol hormone, which imbalances hormonal level in the body. Fluctuation in body hormones is quite often detrimental for body, and it often produces headache. Sleep disturbance and insomnia are frequently associated with headache.

Music Therapy For Headaches And Migraine

Listening to calming music is known to cure headache, especially when it is due to stress and anxiety. Hearing a favorite music or a song releases a feel good chemical substance (Hormone) in the brain. This probably helps to cheer up bad mood and person facing stressful situation may find it relaxing. His headache is ameliorated even without popping any pills.

Hearing relaxing music also helps to lower high blood pressure and heart rate which are known causes of headache. Especially music therapy in calm atmosphere in dim light is encouraging and energizing to mind. Music induces sleep. People suffering from insomnia and headache may be benefited by listening to sound and classical music.

With all the benefits known to modern science about music, it is not surprising that music has attained great popularity among people. Many clinics and hospitals use music therapy for treating pain. It is a source of energy when a person feels drained.