Lower Than Normal Body Temperature: Causes And Home Remedies

Normal body temperature is an indication that the person is in good health. In medical world, the benchmark set in for a normal body temperature is 98.6 degree Fahrenheit. Based on a German physician Dr. Wunderlich’s observation the ‘standard’ body temperature is accepted by medical fraternity. Although 98.6 is the standard normal temperature, it may not be always remain constant in a healthy person. Slight lower and higher variation is normal and there is no cause of worry.

However, if you have extreme low body temperature, it may produce host of symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, confusion, drowsiness, weak and slow pulse, etc.

With low body temperature the body is extremely cold when touched.

A range of 89 to 95 degree Fahrenheit is considered moderately low body temperature. Body temperature below 89 is considered extremely lower than normal body temperature. Low body temperature can be due environmental factors or some medical conditions. The core temperature of the body lower than 95 degree F is considered as low. Low body temperature is also called hypothermia.

What Can Cause Below Normal Body Temperature?

Body temperature lower than normal, can occur due to several reasons. Temperature that is too low (95 degree F and below) is often a sign of illness.

It can be external cause or an internal medical condition.

  • Exposure to extreme cold climate can cause hypothermia. Exposure to cold climate especially in icy cold atmosphere the body becomes cold. If the body temperature becomes abnormally low, it can be life threatening situation for a person. In case of a blizzard or remaining in cold sea water for a long period of time can make the body cold. Drinking alcohol in such situation may be hazardous for health. Alcohol dilates the blood vessels and blood rushes to the surface of skin where more heat is lost.
  • Low body temperature is common with certain medical conditions such as hypothyroidism. It is a thyroid disorder where there is imbalance of thyroid hormones. Often low body temperature gives an early hint of this disorder to the physician.
  • A ruptured aneurism, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, low blood sugar in diabetics, certain medications for treating anxiety and depression, and severe trauma can cause low body temperature than normal. Hypothermia is one of the sign of sepsis. The condition is life threatening resulting from an infection. Kidney failure and cardiac infarction can cause drop in body temperature. For a precise diagnosis, your physician will consider associated symptoms.

Home Remedies For Low Body Temperature

A drastic drop in body temperature can be dangerous. If there is no medical assistance at the site, immediate first aid measures should be sorted to preserve and raise temperature of brain and trunk. It can be done by insulating the body all around with blankets or sleeping bag to prevent further loss of heat.

  • Rewarming can be done externally or by internal means. External rewarming can be done by using blankets, forced hot air, and warm bath and wearing warm clothes. Internal rewarming requires hospitalization or medical help, especially when the person is unconscious or the pulse have become feeble.
  • Person should be moved to a warm shelter as early as possible. His wet clothes should be removed and he should wear warm clothes. If the person is conscious, he is encouraged to drink warm water or warm soups. But avoid use of alcohol and caffeinated drinks.
  • Few home remedies work well to raise body temperature. Drink ginger tea. Ginger has natural qualities to raise core body temperature and it also increases the metabolic process when digested.
  • Use of cinnamon bark powder in food preparation is beneficial as it helps in regulating the blood glucose level. It is especially beneficial for diabetics who have low body temperature.