Why Do I Lose My Breath When Climbing Stairs? Natural Remedies

There are many people who experience shortness of breath when they are engaged in simple physical activity such as walking or climbing stairs. Losing your breath or breathlessness can be quite discomforting and frightening. You may feel as if you are not getting enough air and you have to struggle to breathe. What does it mean when you lose your breath while doing regular physical activities? Is it something serious?

Sometimes it may not be a serious condition as for example if you are not trained or accustomed to climb stairs, you may feel climbing quite exerting and you feel breathless.

However, feeling breathless walking upstairs can also occur due to some serious medical condition. Shortness of breath means that your lungs are not getting enough oxygen during inspiration or the carbon dioxide is not getting out.

Causes Of Shortness Of Breath When Climbing Stairs

Let us understand why a person gets breathless after doing simple physical activity. You may feel breathless and breathe shallow for vide variety of reasons. This may be related to physical exertion or even psychological factors. For instance a panic attack which is triggered by psychological cause may present with breathlessness as a physical symptom.

There are many other medical causes that should not be neglected when you are feeling short of breath while climbing upstairs. It suggests either your lung is weak or there is a problem with your heart. If you are suffering from chronic lung problems such as chronic bronchitis or asthma you are likely to feel breathless on slightest exertion such as walking fast or climbing stairs.

This occurs because your lung capacity and function is weak and reduced. There is less intake of oxygen and reduced outside flow of carbon dioxide.  Congestive cardiac failure, anemia, liver and kidney disease, pneumonia all can cause difficulty and breathlessness when you climb stairs or walk.

Aside from the above causes you may feel losing your breath if you are obese. If you are not suffering from any disease then too you may feel breathless while climbing upstairs. This is because while climbing the muscles need more oxygen and in order to deliver this oxygen your body starts to breathe heavier. Your heart rate also increases as to push more blood so as to deliver the required oxygen to the muscles.

The good news is that it is normal physiological process. Every healthy individual has his own threshold. Some may feel breathless only after climbing 4 to 5 steps while some may even feel comfortable after climbing one or two floors.

Natural Remedies For Shortness Of Breath

If you are not suffering from any disease and still getting breathless on climbing upstairs, you need to condition your body so that the next time you climb vertical your threshold increases. However, if there is an underlying medical condition that makes you struggle to climb stairs, you need to consult your doctor.

  • If you are healthy, start using stairs more often. This will make your body accustomed to regular climbing.
  • Build up your strength and endurance by exercising regularly. This will help you to climb the stairs more comfortably.
  • If you are suffering from certain disease such as asthma, your need to take bronchodilator inhaler before you climb the stairs.
  • When breathing is discomforting while climbing due to cardiovascular disease talk to your doctor. Take medicines as prescribed. Avoid climbing many stairs as it may put unnecessary load on your heart.
  • Anemia is one of the causes for breathlessness. Improve your hemoglobin level by eating foods that are rich source of iron.

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