Lemon Detox Diet Recipe And Plan: Health Benefits And Side Effects

Various toxins present in the food that we eat make us lazy. Stress and tension have become part of modern life. To fight them and live in peace, one can observe self purification. Detox diet is one way of doing this. Among various detox diet, lemon detox diet has become popular, many people also call it a master cleanse diet.

It’s a type of detoxifying diet which helps to cleanse built up wastes in the colon. Once these wastes and toxins are eliminated, our body feels rejuvenated and starts working again at optimal level.

Lemon detox diet has become popular all over the world. Many Hollywood celebrities have followed lemon detoxification method to lose weight and at the same time remain energized.

Recipe For Lemon Detox Diet

It is easy to make lemon detox at home. All the ingredients required to prepare it are present in your kitchen shelf.

Fresh lemon juice, water cayenne, pepper and maple syrup are the ingredients necessary to prepare lemon detox drink. Besides this one may also use herbal tea and natural laxative for additional benefits. To prepare a glass of lemon detox drink, you may need;

  • 1 tablespoon of maple syrup.
  • 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice.
  • A pinch of grounded cayenne pepper or alternately a teaspoon of ginger juice.
  • 250 ml of filtered and pure water.

Ideally, you should drink one glass of lemon detox drink six times in a day, 2 glasses in the morning 2 glasses in afternoon and two at night or whenever you feel hungry. You can have lunch consisting of healthy solid foods. It should be continued for not more than ten days for attaining maximum benefits.

Along with detox drink a person should also consume water whenever he feels so. This will further enhance flushing of toxins and wastes from the body. Additionally one should consume sea salt water in the morning.

Health Benefits Of Lemon Detox Diet

Each ingredient present in lemon detox drink has specific beneficial properties.

Cayenne pepper stimulates metabolism which had remained inactive due accumulation of toxins and wastes in the colon. Thus it helps in flushing out various unnecessary wastes from the system and assists in digestion.

Maple syrup has carbohydrates that get easily digested. It provides energy when we are on a cleanse diet. Besides it is also good source of potassium.

Lemon juice contains vitamin C and it helps the bowel to function well.

Water helps to keep the body hydrated and at the same time helps in eliminating the wastes and toxins that are released from the system.

Those who have used lemon detox diet have reported following benefits:

  • Weight loss, at least 3 to 5 Kg in two weeks time.
  • Improvement in energy level.
  • Improvement in digestion.
  • Healthy and shiny hair and nails become strong.
  • Increase in immune level and increase in resistance level to fight against diseases.
  • Skin becoming smooth and supple.
  • It increases self confidence, mind power, integrity, and patience. Person starts to have positive thoughts.
  • All over improvement in lifestyle.

Lemon Detox Diet Side Effects

Even if lemon detox diet has attained popularity, there are many critics who believe it is nothing but a starvation diet. According to them, a person following this diet takes least amount of calories than it is required daily. This definitely will help in loss of weight, but there is all likelihood of gaining weight quickly after the diet is finished. Fat will replace the lost muscle mass once the diet has finished.

Person will also feel hungry as there is restriction of solid food. This will make him feel dizzy and moody. His energy level will become low and he may not be able to perform his daily physical tasks as efficiently as he used to do before beginning lemon detox diet.

Some people may have headache and nausea as side effects.

Considering the beneficial aspects and side effects of lemon detox diet, it is necessary for a person to first consult his doctor before starting this detox diet regimen. Pregnant women, elderly, teens and people who have underlying health problems should stay away from such detox diet.