My Leg Is Numb: Causes And Treatment For Numbness In Legs And Feet

Numbness of legs or extremities is a common phenomenon which is associated with undue compression of the sensory and motor nerves supplying to the lower extremities. Symptoms like numb hands and feet should be taken seriously as they could sometimes be signs of some underlying medical condition.

My Leg Is Numb

The compression of the nerve may result either in abnormal sensation, which is referred to as tingling or loss of sensation which is referred to as numbness. Both these conditions are completely reversible and the treatment comprises or releasing the pressure on the nerve tissue.

Causes Of Numbness In Legs And Feet

There are several causes which are responsible for numbness of the lower extremities. These include,

  • Sitting with your legs crossed for prolonged period of time or standing for long period of time without any movement is associated with numbness of the lower extremities
  • Calcium and Vitamin deficiency is also a common cause of frequent spells of numbness in the lower extremities.
  • Spinal tumors, spinal infections, lumbar disc herniation, pregnancy, etc tend to compress the spinal nerves, which in turn are associated with numbness of the lower extremities
  • Chronic disease conditions like multiple sclerosis, myelitis, diabetes mellitus, etc are also associated with reduced blood circulation of the nerves which in turn results in the sensation of tingling and numbness in the lower extremities

Treatment For Leg Numbness

Treatment comprises of taking calcium and vitamin supplements or consuming a diet rich in calcium.

Changing the position of the legs frequently, talking a walk, etc can also increase blood circulation to the lower extremities and reduce the frequency of tingling and numbness. In serious cases associated with spinal compression, surgical intervention is essential.