Lactic Acidosis Causes And Symptoms: Lactic Acid Build Up Natural Cure

Lactic acidosis is a type of metabolic acidosis when there is an excess buildup of lactic acid in the blood and its clearance is hampered. Lactic acid is produced in the muscles and blood after breakdown of glucose to be used as energy in low oxygen environment, as in a case of rigorous exercise. In normal condition lactic acid is cleared by the liver, kidney and skeletal muscles. In lactic acidosis, the blood pH becomes < 7.25 with plasma lactate > 5mmol/ L.

Causes Of Lactic Acid Build Up

There are many causes that lead to lactic acidosis, the list is endless but some of the major causes of lactic acidosis are elaborated below:

Lactic acidosis may occur with many underlying conditions, in some cases it becomes an indicator of severity of the underlying primary disease and its prognosis.

Lactic acidosis is commonly found in cardio respiratory failure, sepsis, cancer, liver failure, kidney failure, and certain medications used to treat diabetes.

Many people think that muscle soreness is a sign good workout after performing rigorous and intensive exercise session. While mild soreness is common after exercising, intensive strength training can lead to excess of lactate buildup in the blood leading to lactic acidosis. But it is hardly of any consequence as the condition is self limiting and reversible, unless there is some other pathology involved.

Women and obese individuals are at a higher risk of suffering from lactic acidosis.

Certain vitamin deficiency such as thiamine deficiency can cause lactic acidosis.

Symptoms Of Lactic Acidosis

If lactic acidosis results due to any underlying illness, it is considered to be of grave prognostic value. Presence of lactic acid in higher concentration in blood indicates how serious the underlying condition is, and immediate steps are necessary to find the cause of underlying state.

  • Nausea and vomiting develops as a result of excess buildup of lactic acidosis. Together with it there may be bloating of abdomen and cramps in abdomen.
  • Weakness and sleepiness
  • Rapid and shallow respiration is a sign of serious illness. It happens when the tissue are deprived of oxygen or if there is lung disease, or in case of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Heart beats are abnormal.
  • There is persistent weight loss.
  • Tiredness is out of proportion to the work done.
  • Liver gets enlarged. It is tender to touch and pressure. Blood tests might show the liver enzymes are very high.
  • Feet and hands become cold and clammy. In fact the whole body is cold and clammy to feel.
  • Loss of kidney function. In the initial stage it may be missed unless you do blood test.

Natural Treatment For Lactic Acidosis

Lactic acidosis occurs as a result of underlying disease. It is vital to treat the underlying condition as lactic acidosis in such situation has grave consequences.

However when doing any type of hard exercise, there is temporary buildup of lactic acid in the blood, because the muscles do not get sufficient oxygen due to rapid speed of exercise. The acidosis disappears once oxygen supply is restored to the muscles and tissues.

  • You can use dietary methods if diagnosed with lactic acidosis when you are on heavy exercise schedule. Fruits and vegetables are non acidic consume it regularly to keep your pH at optimal level.
  • Drink plenty of water to hydrate yourself. It dilutes the acidic substances in the food and cleanses out the toxins effectively through the urine.
  • Eat less spicy food as they tent to increase the stomach acidity and eventually imbalance in blood pH.
  • Honey and garlic are natural agents that are known to reduce the acidity in blood.
  • Mint and gooseberry juice are also useful in reducing acidity.

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