Natural Ways And Exercises To Increase Lung Capacity And Function

Lungs are vital organs in human body. The air that we breathe in reaches the lungs. Exchange of gases is crucial function performed by lungs, the oxygen that we breathe in is saturated in the blood and the carbon dioxide is filtered from the blood and exhaled out from the body. Oxygen is necessary for metabolic activities and the survival of each and every body cell.

Lung capacity is the amount of oxygen that the lungs can hold. Increasing lung capacity helps the lung to drag more oxygen. It also boosts more absorption of oxygen and thus contributes towards a better overall health.

Lung capacity is influenced by many factors such as age, weight, size, illness and lifestyle.

In chronic pulmonary diseases such as emphysema, asthma, etc it is essential to improve lung capacity. People involved in sports activities, such as swimmers, athletes etc require to increase their lung capacity in order to improve their speed and stamina. When lung capacity decrease, breathing becomes difficult.

How To Increase Lung Capacity By Natural Ways And Exercises?

Here are few ways which when practiced regularly helps to increase the lung capacity.

  • Deep breathing: deep breathing is the best exercise to increase lung capacity.
    Inhale more quantity of air with each breath. Similarly exhale out all the air when you breathe out. This will allow increase in capacity for inhaling more air when you breathe in the next time.
  • Air resisting: the simplest way is to blow a balloon five to ten times. For this you have to inhale air through your nose. Breathe in deeply and try to inflate a balloon. If you do not have a balloon, just breathe in deeply through your nose and breathe out from your mouth. While breathing out, slightly open your lips.
    This will allow the air to remain more in the small sacs in the lungs and increase the capacity to hold more air.
  • Posture: maintain a good posture. Do not sit or sand with a hunch back. This posture restricts the expansion of lungs to its full capacity. So always keep your spine straight, sit and stand in erect position with your head high.
  • Cardiovascular exercises: it is not only a cardiovascular exercise on the treadmill that you perform, there are natural ways too. Aerobic, cycling, running and swimming. Of all, swimming is the best form of cardiovascular exercise that helps to increase the lung capacity.
  • Wind music instrument: play a wind instrument such as trumpet, saxophone, flute etc. You need to learn how to play these instruments. Playing these instruments help to increase your breathing capability in a more controlled manner. Regular playing of these instruments makes the alveoli (air pockets in lungs) to expand more. This allows more inhalation of air.
  • High altitude: people living in high altitude are known to have increased lung capacity. This is because the air in high altitude has less oxygen and the lung has to function harder to suck oxygen. However, many people may face altitude sickness initially before they adjust to the atmosphere.
  • Quit Smoking: it is known to decrease lung capacity. So quit smoking if you want to increase your lung performance. Aside from this, also stay away from second hand smoke. Because this too can decrease your lung capacity.
  • Foods: vegetables and fruits which have high level of Vitamins, especially vitamin C and vitamin E, beta carotene and mineral selenium are known to enhance capacity of lungs. These vitamins have antioxidant properties and they protect the damage to lung tissue from the harmful free radicals circulating in the body. Spinach, green vegetables, tomatoes, apple, orange, lemon, guava are good source of this vitamins. The high amount of omega 3 fatty acids in fish helps to reduce inflammatory lung disorders.