Natural Ways To Improve Your Memory And Concentration

Memory is nothing but accurately remembering and recalling of the events and experiences of past. In order to have sharp memory, it is imperative to improve your concentration. You have to focus intently (concentrate) on the information or an event when you try to remember it. However, some people may have trouble remembering. Their weak memory can become a cause of frustration in daily life. Forgetfulness is quite common problem as you grow older.

There are various other factors that can also cause memory slips such as stress, depression, smoking, vitamin B12 deficiency, insomnia, thyroid disease, too much of alcohol intake etc.

Certain mental conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease can also cause memory loss in elderly individuals.

For a serious memory problem like Alzheimer’s’ you have to consult your doctor, but to boost your memory and concentration in general you can try following these steps. There are few home remedies and lifestyle style changes which can also improve your memory power.

How To Improve Memory And Concentration Naturally?

Sometime or the other we all tend to forget things especially when we try to do many activities at one time. There are many simple secrets that will help to prevent memory slips and increase your brain power to remember and learn better.

  • In modern age fast life, avoid memory busters such as multitasking activities or visiting places which has noisy environment.
  • Keep a watch on memory spoilers such as stress, depression, and sleep disturbance. If you suffer from any of these conditions talk to your doctor and try measures to resolve it. Yoga and meditation are natural ways to reduce stress and depression. It also helps to boost your memory.
  • Talk to yourself or concentrate on a visual image for remembering. For example if you are leaving your car under a banyan tree, speak to yourself that I am leaving the car under the banyan tree. In this way you are reinforcing your memory.
  • Always jot down on a paper what you need to remember. Our short term memory is limited. So by making a list and jotting it down, you are assured of what has been written. It also helps your brain to do more important tasks.
  • To improve concentration play brain games as they demand more focus. It is a type of exercise for the brain. These games increase the ability of brain to focus more.
  • To improve memory and concentration, especially for students designate a place for studies. However, avoid studying on bed as it relates to sleep. Instead focus on your studies on a table facing with a proper light.
  • Take vitamin supplements if there is deficiency of vitamins and minerals. It helps to fill the lacuna that is created by deficiency of vitamins in your diet. Vitamin B1, B6, and B12 are important for brain function.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol as both are known to play in a role on memory slips.
  • Certain foods are known to improve memory and concentration. These foods are almonds, black seed (nigella sativa), Indian gooseberry, fish oil, cinnamon, honey, etc.